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  1. It's probably a switch they still haven't turned on since they started the server migration. I asked in their discord when HyperSync would be working again and got no response. I think they're having some serious issues as the website has been horribly buggy since they started this.
  2. I can’t find these Unified arcade themes anywhere here or on the ftp. I could download the videos of them on EM but I’d rather have the real thing.
  3. Perfectly said. The passion shown by people here (even I made 2 HTPC theme sets years ago to give back) has really been this front ends life support for years. If the content creators didn’t continue to make wheels, box art, themes etc. HS would of died years ago. When you have a community like this, I feel it’s been a slap in the face to basically dangle the carrot in front of everyone’s mouth for years. Then on top of it you have people that actually know what’s going on but the dev team makes them take an oath of silence like they’re working on the fountain of youth. Its time to Sh*t or Get off the Pot.
  4. *Sigh* ....ok. I don't try to participate in HD dev threads, but being that I've realized today it's been 10 years waiting on any news regarding 2.0; we're talking a decade here people I have to vent. The fact that we are so far from the last major release of HS and nobody is still allowed to give any information on 2.0 is just ludicrous. I asked for a lousy font used on HS special artwork that I waited on 3 weeks to get an answer on and never did to make custom special artwork. There is no reason to be like this to people that support you. Again 10 years this has been going on. I'm asking to just be a little more courteous to the end user, that's all. Seeing how Jason is with his user base, it can definitely be done, but HS devs choose not to go this route. I don't know exactly what they have against their user base to be this way, but they should of really handled this differently over the years. end rant
  5. No I just tweaked the original .psd, added a background and some extra text, the original was getting boring and eventually I want to add some side art too, but I can't think up anything, making side art for the extension cab sucks because the cab is split in 2 pieces and if you ever want to disassemble it you will have to peel off the side art as well.
  6. Lucian, I might need a new marquee printed. If I decide to do it I'll get in touch with you. BTW guys I have done business with Lucian in person and his work is great, I can vouch.
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