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  1. Are most of these kits Gottlieb WideBody format? Finding Gottlieb front molding / lockdown parts is just about impossible. Only 1% of all pinball machines made were widebody and the last one was over 15 years ago. You're probably trying to make some concession for the height of your LCD, but if you can adjust the size of the cabinets to a Stern or Williams size (22" width) you'll have a much larger supply of parts.
  2. Guys, I was recently made aware of this forum and the projects here. I have a bunch of spare parts I've been selling off *below* my cost. I'm sure they would be valuable for your virtual pinball projects! Such as... legs, side rails, feet, (real) flipper buttons, shooter/plunger, coin door, lock down bars, molding. Please note that I built my first pinball with a microswitch flipper button - that's a mistake a real flipper button (with leaf switch) feels totally different! Hope I can help out. Thanks! Jeff diypinball.com
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