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  1. Hey guys, Wanted to share this tutorial on how I added music video capability to my hyperspin cabinet. Just launching Google Chrome in kiosk mode and using alt f4 to quit via rocket launcher back to HyperSpin. You could point it to multiple websites in a wheel such as youtube, google music, spotify, itunes, etc. I put a touchscreen in my cabinet and cut out a plex bezel so I dont see the monitor edge, but can use the touch. In short, you setup like you would a pc game, but launch google chrome with parameters such as –kiosk http://music.google.com https://gameroomsolutions.com/hyperspin-video-jukebox-launch-chrome-browser-kiosk-mode/ Video preview of how it is working so far.
  2. Wanted to show this Star Trek theme bartop with HyperSpin and Kodi.
  3. Wanted to share this bartop I put together with graphics. I apologize in advance the video is a bit of an ad for our kits, but it does show a walk through of HyperSpin running on it along with Kodi for Movies/TV/Music Video streaming. Thanks
  4. Adobe gives CS2 out for free. The video shows how to use those features in that version to get what you need for graphics on your cabinet.
  5. Did a video on how to do graphics for your arcade... Below is the video contents if you want to skip to a specific point. Hopefully it will help some of you in your HyperSpin en devour. Thanks In this video we will show you how to use the free version of Adobe CS2 to layout graphics for your arcade machine. We show how to get quality graphics from the web. Then do basic editing like fading two pictures together, doing layouts, text, magic wand, layers, and much more. At the end of this you should be able to create something eye catching and functional even if you are not a graphic artist. Video contents 00:00 Intro 00:50 Get Photoshop CS2 For free 01:43 How to get high quality pictures 02:52 Arcade layouts in photoshop and layers 04:09 Laying graphics on Arcade 06:47 Using magic wand to cut out characters or other graphics 08:23 Add Text to your Design, with custom font, coloring, and stroke effects 10:37 Fading pictures together 14:14 Put button labels on your control panel buttons 17:33 Conclusion
  6. This guy gets it. Ikea was definitely the idea. Thank you for the feedback/confirmation.
  7. Hi guys... We finally started shipping the bartop arcades after a ton of great input from the hyperspin community! I put together a video showing how to assemble and wanted to give back as it as it will answer a lot of the questions a noob would have that is interested in building an arcade machine. In other words, the overview applies to the arcade building process, not just our kits. Anyways please provide feedback so I can improve in the future. Yes, I miss spelled fundamentals in the subject header and do not know how to fix it Video Breakdown: 0:14 - Walk through of what you get in the kit 2:52 - Prepping the sides, top, and speakers 4:10 - Prepping the control and button panel 4:35 - Talking through artwork 5:35 - Putting the plexi controls onto the control and button panel 13:40 - Connecting power to the led buttons and/or joysticks 16:28 - Ensure your controls are connected properly and working 17:28 - Finishing up the joysticks 17:50 - Install the control panel on the cabinet 19:03 - Installing the top, bottom, and hinged back door 23:45 - Installing the motherboard or Rpi 24:24 - Mount the monitor 26:22 - Put the left side on and finish up cam locks 28:46 - Adjust monitor height 29:58 - Installing the magnetic latch for the back door swing 31:19 - Finishing touches 31:53 - Installing Tmolding 33:20 - Plexiglass installation 35:16 - Install the marquee 36:56 - Wrap up Thank you
  8. I am checking on those. We sell zippy and sanwa primarily and it fits those with space. Sanwa's connect the same was as the picture above. More to come on this as I will probably just have a larger area milled out to accommodate all sticks.... My small catch is pre-drilling the plex or not. I really do not want guys using anything but a screw driver for this (no drills or routers). Can you give me some feedback on the $229.99 pricing including shipping? Is that in line with what you have seen? Better/worse?
  9. Guys, I am starting to get all the pricing finalized as we plan to go to production this week and hopefully ship pre-orders Friday or early next week. It looks like I need to be at min $230 (that includes shipping) to make this worth the effort. Can you guys give me some insight on that price vs what you have seen? I know we all want things as cheap as possible, but what I want to know is there value in this kit at the $230 to $250 range (includes shipping)? From what I can see it is a bit under priced for the value, but again would like some feedback. I know the introductory pre-sale price of $199 was too cheap as my threshold limit of cabinets at that price was reached in less than a week. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. Thanks,
  10. We are going to run the first set which are almost sold out at the current layout. I plan to work with my cnc engineer on either raising the CP a little bit or making the sides curve a bit lower to achieve the same effect.
  11. The wood is 3/4", and we milled about .5" leaving .25" of very solid board. This way sanwa sticks are plenty high and guys do not have to worry about using a router to undermount. Do you think pan head screws at .25" will hold, seems reasonable to me with that much wood left after the milling.
  12. That area fits the 3 joystick types we sell Zippy, Sanwa, and LED. I will check on how to make sure happ style sticks fits as well. Thank you!
  13. I wanted to put up some of the new prototype pictures. We are planned to go into production next week. Notice the new monitor angle and the slots for where the plexi glass will fit on the side view. I also posted what is the new control panel and button layout. I just did a quick put together with some of the new parts mainly around the monitor tilt, so did not put the new control panel on the unit again. I plan to have the monitor moved down .25" to account for other monitor types that may have a slightly larger top bezel. We put the wood together in about 10min which was the goal. Full video with controls, etc coming with the production builds next week.
  14. I think you need rgb buttons and led blinky software to do the buttons lite up by system. I think 8 buttons for 2 players will be very cramped.
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