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  1. Go for it. Everything is up on the Emumovies FTP in my folder. All files are sorted by system name in the appropriate folders. Once you've sorted a folder, please move it to the "Minted TV Commercials" folder. As for software, I use both Adobe Premiere Elements and AVS Video Editor. The former is much more robust, but can be tough to use and is a total slog. AVS Video Editor is pretty light on features, but gets the job done. It's also cheaper to get a license for. I started with it and moved up to Premiere Elements when I was ready. If anyone else wants to help out and grab a system, feel free. I'm glad to see others interested in preserving these important tidbits of video game history. Lacking an official archive anywhere on the 'Net, let's build it ourselves!
  2. Ah. Yes, those were part if what I have sorted in my folder structure. If we can get the rest of the commercials renamed and deduped, Circo would probably consider promoting the content into the official structure. Perhaps it makes more sense for it to live under HyperLaunch Media.
  3. Sorry, all. I let this stall out and shifted focus to other things. What are the folders on the Emumovies FTP with the commercials? Last I checked, I couldn't find them.
  4. I knew I missed it. I'm amazed that Google failed me in this.
  5. I have to think I"m missing something. I pored over the forums and I couldn't seem to find Fix it Felix Jr. wheel art or theme anywhere. I'm not adept at making themes (yet), but I did throw a quick wheel art together. Enjoy!
  6. Saint over at BYOAC wrote a great book that's totally worth checking out. It comes with a disc full of files like what you're looking for.
  7. Thanks, startreker! There's lots of work to come. But fortunately, I've been able to make some huge headway this week. After many hours, ALL of the content that VisitorQ, tastyratz and I had combined has now been sorted into system folders, according to HL naming standards. However, there is a great deal of work to be done before this content will be a "minted set" that people can just download and insert into their media folder. I've taken it this far, but now I'm really going to need some help. The easiest way I think that we could slice this is that each of the system folders are assigned to an owner. This owner will be responsible for going through each of the files and doing the following: Converting all files to MP4, H264, 640x480 Naming all files in accordance with this standard: SYSTEMSHORTHAND_HLGAMENAME_DESC.mp4 Moving all system, non-game specific videos to the _Default folder Eliminating duplicates, keeping the highest quality version Uploading processed sets to the emumovies FTP here: /Upload Here/TV Commercials - Processed/SYSTEM NAME More on the naming standard: SYSTEMSHORTHAND is defined below HLGAMENAME is the HyperList game name DESC is a 2-3 word descripton of the video Example: NES_DrMario_WitchDoctor.mp4 This would reference the famous NES Dr. Mario commercial with the song that I'm sure most of us recall Here are the systems that need owners. Please chime in if you're willing to help out and own a system. Nintendo Entertainment System - NES - 187 videos Atari 2600 - 2600 - 130 Atari 5200 - 5200 - 22 Atari 7800 - 7800 - 9 Arcade/MAME - MAME - 5 Atari Jaguar - Jag - 10 Atari ST - AST - 2 ColecoVision - CV - 28 Commodore 64 - C64 - 27 Commodore Amiga - Amiga - 15 Odyssey 2 - OD2 - 7 Intellivision - INTV - 19 TurboGrafx-16 - TG16 - 6 Nintendo 64 - N64 - 93 Nintendo DS - NDS - 22 Nintendo Game Boy - GB - 42 Nintendo Game Boy Advance - GBA - 183 Nintendo Game Boy Color - GBC - 22 There are many more systems, but that'a all I had time to list for now. Who would like to take ownership of each one of them? I'm going to take NES to start.
  8. Arcade/MAME set is up and sorted and on the FTP. Only 28 videos, so it was pretty easy. I also added a Daphne folder with a couple of commercials for Dragon's Lair and Cliff Hanger. I've gone back to sorting the systems now, and made it to the letter "F". There are still 540 left to go. If anyone wants to start helping with the sorting, please start from "Z" and work your way backward. Without help, I'm going to guess this will take me another couple of weeks.
  9. Ok, so the upload is taking a lot longer than I thought. I'm getting really bad transfer rates (50-60 KBi/s), so it's going to take a while yet. There's still another 3.8 GB to go. As I have time this weekend, I'm going to clean up the Arcade/MAME set.
  10. Ok. So I'm replacing everything in my folder with a revised set, this time sorted into folders aligned to HL standards. There's also a few extra sets of stuff in the Non-HS Systems folder: - 80's TV (Saturday morning commercials, mostly) - Apple IIe - Atari Other - Commodore Other (VIC 20, mostly) - MOTU (Masters of the Universe commercials, which I have custom wheel for in my cab) - NEC PC-FX The upload is moving along now. Should be done within the next couple of hours. There's also about 750 videos yet unsorted. They're in the Unsorted folder. I could really use help getting these aligned into the correct system folders. After we empty the unsorted folder, the next step is to sort each of the system folders by game name, aligned to the HL standards. Non-game system content can be filed in the _Default folders for each system. Anyone interested in helping out getting the remaining unsorted videos? I'd recommend just making a local copy and local folders for each system, then uploading all of your sorted content and merge it with my folder structure. I'm 99.9% sure that I've gotten all of the Arcade/MAME content out, so I'm going to start naming those videos by game. After that, I'll go back to system-level sorting.
  11. I did root through your stuff, Visitor Q. The number of videos is staggering! I noticed that they're all 320x280, so most are smaller resolution than mine, which are typically 640x480. Not a huge deal given the low-quality source material, just a note. Many thanks for sharing your collection! I'm not sure of the next steps, myself. I've started to manually sort everything of yours, tastyratz and mine into the HyperPause folder structure. It's quite the challenge! I have to wonder if there's an easier way. Still, I'm plugging away. Hopefully, Circo will chime in soon if I'm totally wasting my time. If anyone is interested, I posted some custom system intros I made in my username folder on emumovies, which compile a number of commercials together, along with game footage. There's intros for 30 systems in all, plus a bonus video for my custom Masters of Universe wheel. The videos named to HL standards and are sorted into folders by system.
  12. Bumping this thread. I've started to sort the videos everyone uploaded into HP system and game folders - its quite the task! But I'm assuming this is something that would be helpful for this mini-project. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there an automated way to do the sorting that I'm doing? Should I be spending my time doing something else?
  13. I've just uploaded all of my vids to the emumovies FTP as well. I tried to at least organize them by system. As Visitor Q said - what's the next step here? How can we start to get these organized into an HL-ready structure, to eventually be consumed by HyperSync?
  14. Excellent! So excited that this is moving forward. Thanks for your support, Circo. I'd like to help with normalization and sorting too. I'm assuming that we can just start uploading into the existing HyperLaunch/Media folder under Upload Here that djvj started?
  15. Dang, Visitor Q! That would be awesome. Between those of us on this thread, I think we'll have north of 6 GB of stuff to start with, easily. The trick is going to be organizational structure to make sure this all easily migrates into HS/HP. I'm thinking we'll probably want to separate the system-level videos from the game-specific ones, for starters. Game specific vids would be organized to drop into the HyperLaunch media folder, while the system videos would be organized to drop into the HyperSpin media folder. Make sense? Sound right? I'm waiting to hear back from Circo. I know he's crazy busy. Once he and I connect and align on next steps, I'll let everyone know via this thread where we're headed. Thanks all!
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