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  1. Thanks, Thatman84, Honosuseri. I will try to get an older Mame core. If that is not possible, I will try the Atari 8 bit core and config my STV controller for Atari Joystick. You cant use both atari 800 and a5200 roms without changing options in RA.
  2. I followed the setup in this thread and got it to work. Im pretty sure its the new Mame core. Maybe it doesnt support the A5200 anymore. I have recently bought a 2nd STV. I installed RA and the cores. Copied over the HS data and Atari 5200 roms would crash RA. So I went back to the 1st STV and A5200 roms worked. Updated the Mame core to latest and now A5200 roms crash RA here too. I was able to get A5200 roms to load with the Atari 8bit core but the STV controller will not work. The Atari 800 roms also work ( need to change an option setting) but also controller doesnt work.
  3. I had Atari 5200 setup on RA and HS and all was well. Ive recently updated the MAME core and Atari 5200 roms no longer work. Anyone else see this? I havent played with it much.
  4. I got it working as another user with the same RA 1.4.1 issue suggested. Since I couldnt point to the RA system directory on my internal drive, I copied the system directory and files to the external drive. Ran a game in HS, then adjusted the system BIOS directory to point there. Now Atari 5200 works again from HS. Thanks for your help.
  5. This problem was also on another thread here. Maybe I should go back to RA 1.3.6
  6. I have other console bios files in REtroarch.com/System and had my "system/BIos" directory pointed there. I also have the Atari 5200 bios in there too. Sega CD still works from HS but I am no longer able to navigate to that directory after I quit a game in HS! I can however go to that directory if I run RA straight away. Why this is, I dont know.
  7. Hi guys. Previously, I had Atari 5200 setup and running in RA and Hyperspin on a Shield TV. Since that time, I have updated the STV FW to ver. 5.1 and RA to ver. 1.4.1. I had black squares for the icons in RA and didnt know what the issue was. I reloaded RA but forgot to save the SYSTEM folder I had the files in for Mame/Atari 5200. I recreate the necessary files and got Atari 5200 games to work in RA again. However, when I try to launch from HS, RA crashes. The mame core version is 0.182. I dont know what Im missing. I havent touched my HS files. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. This helped me when I had trouble with Sega CD launching from Hyperspin. I suspect you are hitting the same RA bug as someone else. It has a different .cfg file if you launch games in RA or when you use a launcher like Hyperspin. SO, you MUST make config changes after launching a game with Hyperspin... Choose a system without a bios, ie. launch an Atari 2600 game, THEN go into settings->directories and change the system folder to your folder holding RA bios files. Then EXIT RA through it's menu to save config.
  9. Anyone have success getting hyperspin to run scummvm games? I have the shield TV on latest FW, 5.0, Retroarch 1.4.1 with ScummVM core loaded and the stand alone ScummVM emulator. I have many systems set up in Hyperspin so I know how to do that. The stand alone ScummVM app works well for me on the STV. If I try to run that emulator from hyperspin, I get an error stating the emulator is incompatible. In retroarch, I load the ScummVM core, load content, a compatible scummvm 1.9.0 game and it runs but when I close the game, retroarch shows the DOSBOX core loaded. So I load the scummvm core again and try "start core" and retroarch crashes. I dont know where the issue lies. Maybe the STV 5.0 FW? Maybe someone else can try this. Thanks for any help. Norkusa had the same error: Warning - Attempting to launch invalid emulator(s): org.scummvm.scummvm/org.scummvm.scummvm.SCUMMVMActivity"
  10. rambo32, Did you figure out the controls for intellivision?
  11. What bios files are required for Intellivision? I only have the exec and grom bin files and when I run a rom, I get an initialize screen then it crashes.
  12. Ok, thanks. To find the exe path, do you need to have a rooted device?
  13. Its not that hard. After you install retroarch, you need to go in retroarch and download the cores (emulators) you want. Got to online updater>Core updater and there will be a list of emus to download. Choose one or all the ones you want. then load the core you want and then load content (rom file). The game should now run.
  14. How did you get the Atari Jaguar to work. I have retroarch installed and when I load the core and try a game, it crashes.
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