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  1. No. Only thing to do is if you remove items that use XML then you must redo XML.
  2. Don't know but go on play store and get shortcut maker. Then create shortcut with the app and use those parameters. Easy to use
  3. Wonder why atari 5200 doesn't like alternate method in mame option settings
  4. https://mega.nz/#F!2VklEYqT!GyVFnCdgM6c_RgfItDCevQ
  5. I think it is do to the fact of incompatibility of Windows based items
  6. Those are my main themes I was confused for a minute. Can you send me the turbo grafx one back as corrected.
  7. I don't have those inis because there not currently able to be emulated by android
  8. Here is all my system themes see if you need the ones that don't work https://mega.nz/#!HZMmhKAS!em43BHENgJHM--OWbtILIP7DzwckbvKF2UK1KB_iU40
  9. what do you mean by your themes dont work? What's it doing?
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