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  1. It's wierd I tried both ini settings for colecovision and I keep getting missing ROM. Hey when did the ROM paths change on this. Before we had to put in uiid number of hardrive. Now I just use /Roms/Colecovision/Roms. And it works
  2. Yes I have deluxe thanks. Do you happen to have Kodi? I tried shortcut maker and it still crashes
  3. must have changed it. using colem now
  4. I accidentally deleted it from mega
  5. hello I lost all my ini settings and need the colecovision one with colem standalone. thanks
  6. My old pico Roms played. Also used a mouse. Then I downloaded retromaniacs and they don't work. I no longer have my old Roms. What's wrong with your Sega Japan?
  7. It's nice but not enough power for 3do, Saturn and game cube
  8. Here just messing with pi. Waiting one last few emulators for shield
  9. Need to make configs per game. Lots of work
  10. There is no XML for intellivoice only for intellivoice with computer. That only has a few games on its XML. This is why it doesn't work. Plus you need ROM files so if you have bin you must convert bin to rom
  11. Cool. Im starting new project for raspberry pi. Want to check out.
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