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  1. woohooo, got my 5m roll, also 32led/m 8806chip
  2. talked to klaus/wolfsoft.de today and he is willing to donate a shaker set for scott I sent the link of this thread to klaus so I guess he is posting soon personally I am willing to donate some cash via paypal. btw, we should think about the awesome JPsalas, too
  3. standard relays are too slow for fast switching solenoids.
  4. and red has ugly LED segments too? orange is full LED 1:1
  5. here in germany I found only the pinLED dmd. but I don't like them because of the LED segments. there are no straight lines/rows possible. there is a series from vishay with full LEDS - dot by dot (see h4ck3rs vishay dmd). looks very nice but its also very expensive. I will go the original plasma DMD route with russ' powerdriver board. best bang for the buck - IMO.
  6. russdx is currently developing a plasma driver powerboard, so we can use original plasma dmds without the odd voltages, just 12v plug and play.
  7. colordmd is a lcd-screen and only for one dedicated pinball machine suitable.
  8. it's no big difference on shaker intensity, so place it wherever you want/you have space.
  9. you should solder a diode directly on the shakermotor. use a 1n4007 or even better (because pwm switches ultrafast on and off) a faster UF4007 or superfast schottky diode
  10. I guess they are too slow, especially for fast bumper movements. measure the amps of your 24v contactors, if < 500mA you can use it directly on your ledwiz (also 8 on 1 bank)... but put some heatsinks on your driverchips. this way you have no additional lag and no speed problems.
  11. install diodes always as much close as possible on the motor/coils, otherwise the cable to the ledwiz or h-bridge could cause interferences.
  12. thanks for the update, ben! great work! maybe we can add the "general linklist"? http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6280
  13. yes, you have to mount the contactors (via screws on wood) to hear and feel it right.
  14. yeah, pixel's driver boards are the way to go. For a new build I would use 3 of them, like a tripple tower. small, fast and solid state - perfect!
  15. LOL, is it possible to get this effect ROM controlled via arduino/ledwiz?
  16. holy cow! you are a soldering machine
  17. digital pinball rulez! awesome work matey can't wait to see a soldered and working one, woohooo
  18. now my cab is up and running I finally can test your fplaunch mods. awesome job blur and team!
  19. stutter is no problem when you use a high end pc and tweak your sys like hell my old system has absolutely no ledwiz-stutter. I have some probs with my new system, but I hope I can figure it out soon.
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