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  1. If someone gives me a drawing I could measure out a real Vewlix cabinet for you guys.
  2. Got the hlsl settings running great on horizontal games after editing the scanlines, but is there a way so I can load a different raster.ini for vertical games because I have to use 80 to get no banding in vertical games. I tried to create a vertical.ini file with your raster settings with a changed value to 80 but whenever i load a game it always returns to default of 114. (my edited setting) Edit:Nevermind got it working, had to remove raster.ini and create a vertical and horizont.ini
  3. Can you take a look at the ace.zip file, it downloads the daphne space ace game theme instead of mame ace game.
  4. 2600 = Stella 5200 = Kat 5200 7800 = Prosystem
  5. Why all this CRT hate? Nothing beats a properly setup Arcade CRT, I have a MS2931 tri-sync monitor and run everything at their native resolutions. Groovymame + Arcade monitor = arcade heaven.
  6. You can always download uptodate Databases manually for all the systems. http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Place them in your Hyperspin/Databases/system name folders.
  7. DJVJ Could you look into the forwarder files because I can't start pc games with pc launcher, although Taito type x and touhou work just fine with the pc launcher module. When I remove the forwarder and place HS1.3.2 back pc games start without a problem. Here is my thread about it http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?27585-PC-Launcher-Error
  8. Oh nice, thx for the tip Circo
  9. Works great djvj, and just compared hs1.2 against all versions of 1.3 and 1.2 is definitely a lot smoother than 1.3. Pity that 1.2 as no mp4 support so I have to look if I still have my old flv movies for mame somewhere which was the only system I updated with new mp4 videos.
  10. Also notice a lag comparing hs1.2 against 1.3, would go back to 1.2 if hl 3 didn't needed the new 1.3. Can live without the image smoothing.
  11. So far so good, working great here out of the box. Thx Rain, awesome job as usual
  12. Seems to be a problem with the Particle.swf file. For the meantime replace the theme with this one asteroid.zip
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