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  1. This is my pedestal cab - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/1769-first-time-build-pedestal-arcade/ I just built it big enough to put the tv on the back and switch it back and forth between my arcade and driving cab. There are plans on droppbox here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0lyx1equm3bhy5/Arcade%20Cab%20Drawings.ai They are drawn in adobe illustrator and you will have to account for material thickness.
  2. I think they are just left, horizontal disable, and right mouse buttons. I have them mounted on the front of my cab. You can't really map them to anything.
  3. Most trackballs and spinners have their own interface built in. They are just USB devices you plug in independently. This is why they are more expensive Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  4. I did it because it is somewhat "out of the box" and I like it because it is easy to work on also (upright is probably easy too but don't own one). I know peds have been around awhile but arcades around here don't even have one of them. I think eventually I will make some kind of box to mount a flat panel in, then it will become sort of a viewlix cab.
  5. This weekend I can go through it and I've messed with ahk enough to somewhat understand it, that I can cut out and paste the stuff that pertains to backglasses. Future pinball kind of launches it's own back glass with its cab render mode but virtual pinball uses b2s, direct b2s, and one more I can't remember right now (old one that is going away). Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  6. By the way if you just......happen.......to pursue adding back glass support, I will be more than happy testing it for ya. Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  7. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=24435 this is the modded one for FX2 and TPA Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  8. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?10935-FPLaunch-MOD-Pause-and-Loading-screens Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  9. Which code do you mean? Hyperlaunch 1.295 wip 10? Edit: Sorry it's called FPLaunch 1.295 wip 10 not hyperlaunch 1.295 wip 10 Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  10. Oh I believe u. RocketLauncher is one of the single greatest programs I've seen written by "individuals". Same class as xbmc, but I'm not going to ask for yall to write a back glass code for it just to fix my steam issue. But.....back glass support would be awesome..... Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  11. I am not using RocketLauncher on hyperpin. I am using the modified hyperlaunch 1.295 wip 10. I think most pincab owners are using that because it has to launch backglasses and RocketLauncher can't do that. Guess my only option is to go download the "other" versions. Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  12. Already tried running the games straight from the exe and that don't work. It MAKES u launch steam either in offline or online mode or atleast TPA and Pinball FX2 does. It will just hang up hyperlaunch until u go select YES Start Offline on the steam popup. Sent from the throne on an SCH-I545 using tapytalk
  13. Alright how does everyone use steam in their pincabs? When the pincab boots up steam is set to automatically launch and everytime a popup pops up and I have to tell it YES go offline. I have tried ahk scripts, batch files creating registry entry's, and macros but for the life of me cant seem to make Steam go into offline mode automatically. I bought all the fx2 tables and The Pinball Arcade tables but am really tempted to go download the "other" versions so I dont have to mess with Steam. If anybody has some incite on this please tell me how to do it.
  14. I changed the drawings with dimensions added now sorry I found a plugin for illustrator called cadtools that I could put dimensions on the drawing just now. Dropbox updated!! One more thing. Make sure to not permanently attach the top control panel from the bottom pedestal part. If you do it WILL NOT fit through interior doors in your house. My door frames measure 29 1/2" and I had to remove the doors from the hinges to get it into my office. It is a REAL TIGHT squeeze if you remove the control panel and lay the pedestal on its side. The side "kickers" were the diamond plate are on is not removable on mine but like i said it will fit if you just are careful when moving through doors.
  15. Also tell me if this helps any of you. I am thinking that I may have bit my tongue to soon and you all thank these drawings are something they are not. @sandman: The reason I built this is becasue i dint want to pay 2000 dollars for one. its probably all partical board and not worth a damn. Also more satisfaction. @Polemicist: The kid loves it and ALWAYS wants to play on it. I cant wait till we can play together though. @djvj: all you have done to make hyperspin what it is, glad i could help you (that goes to all of you too, just djvj has help me on some stuff directly). By the way do you keep your f710's in x mode on most of the emulators that allow it?
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