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  1. Hi have downloaded and used your script . Thank you for doing this. I am trying to stop using Joytokey since it is causiong me problems. I can't get my jopysticks to work with your script . Can you help ? I have two U360's. In Mame they are Joystick 2 and Joystick 3 . 

    HyperSpin Startup Script.txt

    1. dhey59


      Can you add to a already built system hyper soon startup script

  2. Right now it is better to go with rocketlauncher because it has active development. HyperLaunch supposedly still has active support but to be honest I haven't seen any development on it ever since the creator of RocketLauncher left the HyperLaunch development team.
  3. This for the latest version of rocketlauncher. Keymapper frontend profile http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Keymapper#fro Keymapper default profile (works on all emulators http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Keymapper#def Create an ahk file (it's just a txt file with the extension changed to ahk) and then put the ahk remapping code in. Links to how to write the code can be found in links in my earlier post.
  4. Which operating system is this on? What troubles caused you to give it admin rights? Where did you install it?
  5. No. The hyperspin install takes 3 steps. The rocketlauncher install takes 14 steps. Installing mame with rocketlauncher takes 9 steps. Installing mame with hyperspin takes 3 steps. Steps 30 and 31 are not actually steps; they are more like hints. There are 4 programs used in the install with 4 different owners that would all need to allow their programs to be put in an install script. In other words don't expect any official one anytime soon. By the way, there are typically more than just 31 steps to get hyperspin and other emulation frontends to the point of running games. This is just the tip of the ice object in the ocean.
  6. I feel that posting this video is obligatory. So here it is.
  7. This sounds interesting.If you have two screens available to you, try experimenting with them to see if it will work to add a second screen. What I am afraid might happen with the touch is that when you touch the secondary screen on the panel that will then steal the focus and the mouse from the main application. I don't think that it is possible to do a touch screen off one computer because of the mouse issue. This is definitely possible with two separate computers and a link between them over lan for communicating the active game. (i.e. a raspberry pi and your main computer). If you must do it on the same computer, it would be best to get a simple non touch screen and then have dedicated buttons for the different controls. I think related topics to your question would be things like can I game in one screen and browser in the other.
  8. try disconnecting all the input devices hooked to you computer. Keyboard, mouse, gamepads, ir remotes, etc. if after disconnecting every input device and it is still spinning out of control, we can then assume your computer is possessed.
  9. try turning off the trackball and spinner as well. If that doesn't work tell your cat to get off your keyboard.
  10. The deal is your life or leave. No seriously, your life, all of it, now. Now I just need to find out where I put the soul dealership papers. If you've seen them let me know. In all seriousness, this hobby is a major time investment. You certainly won't get kicked off for saying jerk-like things (just ask the mod with the name that has three letters and starts with a T and ends with a HK). You just need to follow some simple guidelines. Show respect Don't ask for roms (unless in platinum section) Don't post links for roms (unless in platinum section) Don't post downloads for roms. Don't spam advertisements. Advertising for your product when it is related to the forum and thread topic is acceptable. Don't steal another person's thread with a different topic Don't spam the forums and start new threads with the same issue Don't sell HyperSpin without the author's permission HyperSpin typically gets one small update a year. Hyperspin is always in beta mode and it updates slowly with small changes. It is closed source. It's only known author is BadBoyBill. Many people have complained many times about BBB's lack of availability and activity, and the moderators are tired of this. The only real reason to go platinum is to get the artwork, themes, and access to the ftp. Most if not all of the artwork and themes are available in the download section, but platinum members have access to hyperbase and hypersync which lets you mass download the files according to your game list. It's not really worth it to go platinum for the beta testing. Only get the beta if you use the horizontal or pin wheel, or want to develop or use something for the HScripts function (nothing uses this yet). My recommendation for you is to finish setting up rocketlauncher (this is the most time consuming part) and then try different frontends like retro-fe along with hyperspin to see which you like better. With RocketLauncher you can use as many different frontends as you want and all your games will play the same.
  11. ghutch92

    Hyperspin help.

    Forget using a keymapper for mame. It doesn't work from my experience. Turn off keymapper support (joytokey.ini is always created if you use the joytokey program to setup controls). You'll need to setup your controllers in mame by pressing the tab button in game.
  12. Some of the fancier stuff like cd switching and 7z support didn't make it to all the modules in HyperLaunch2. In other words you will have to add it to the module code, yourself. I suggest taking a looking at the ps1 module that you know works and apply the same of the same 7z code to the dreamcast module and hope it works. If it doesn't work you will need to read up on 7z documentation and autohotkey documentation to write a custom solution for that system. If all this is too much work then you should (1)uncompress the files and buy another harddrive or (2) update to something like rocketlauncher that has active development or (3) forget about setting up dreamcast.
  13. Read the second sentence in the first post. Since this guide was posted it has undergone 6 major revisions. 6 videos with different instructions would be confusing. I could remove the videos but that would break shares and links. I also would need to find time to record and edit the video and I don't have the time. If someone else would like to make a video following the instructions I will be more than happy to link to it in the beginning of the first post. The file names for your roms must match the names of the games in the xml that you are using.
  14. ninja2bceen it does not sound like you mixed it (mixing the settings folders together). You can use the transition tool found on rlauncher.com without any manual separating.
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