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  1. Hi have downloaded and used your script . Thank you for doing this. I am trying to stop using Joytokey since it is causiong me problems. I can't get my jopysticks to work with your script . Can you help ? I have two U360's. In Mame they are Joystick 2 and Joystick 3 . 

    HyperSpin Startup Script.txt

    1. dhey59


      Can you add to a already built system hyper soon startup script

  2. Right now it is better to go with rocketlauncher because it has active development. HyperLaunch supposedly still has active support but to be honest I haven't seen any development on it ever since the creator of RocketLauncher left the HyperLaunch development team.
  3. Which operating system is this on? What troubles caused you to give it admin rights? Where did you install it?
  4. No. The hyperspin install takes 3 steps. The rocketlauncher install takes 14 steps. Installing mame with rocketlauncher takes 9 steps. Installing mame with hyperspin takes 3 steps. Steps 30 and 31 are not actually steps; they are more like hints. There are 4 programs used in the install with 4 different owners that would all need to allow their programs to be put in an install script. In other words don't expect any official one anytime soon. By the way, there are typically more than just 31 steps to get hyperspin and other emulation frontends to the point of running games. This is just the tip of the ice object in the ocean.
  5. Read the second sentence in the first post. Since this guide was posted it has undergone 6 major revisions. 6 videos with different instructions would be confusing. I could remove the videos but that would break shares and links. I also would need to find time to record and edit the video and I don't have the time. If someone else would like to make a video following the instructions I will be more than happy to link to it in the beginning of the first post. The file names for your roms must match the names of the games in the xml that you are using.
  6. ninja2bceen it does not sound like you mixed it (mixing the settings folders together). You can use the transition tool found on rlauncher.com without any manual separating.
  7. I recommend using the transition tool if you kept RocketLauncher in a separate folder and didn't mix the RocketLauncher and hyperspin settings and media folders. Although I do not recommend choosing hyperspin 1.3 as this is incompatible with the install method presented in the instructions in this thread's guide. If you did mix it, you will need to separate hyperlaunch3 settings from hyperspin settings by hand and then run the transition tool.
  8. The developers for RocketLauncher and HyperLaunchHq left and started RocketLauncher. They left because they wanted to support more front ends than hyperspin. Therefore the name changed but not the program. So it's essentially the same thing. Your btw question is not a good fit for this thread.
  9. On the emulators tab when you have a system other than global selected. You should see a place to add rom locations. Under this box there is another box for the default emulator. Now this box is labeled default emulator. Attached to the right of this default emulator box is the maginifying glass.
  10. Ok walked through it again and this time I caught what was going on. There is a little quirk in rocketlauncher when it checks for legacy mode. It checks for legacy mode before it ever checks the parameters to be sent. This is frustrating, I'll put up a quick fix, but hopefully the hyperlaunch team can fix this little quirk. Updated the 1.3.3 install compatibility fix file and included source. A side note, this probably all would have been solved weeks ago if someone had posted their rocketlauncher troubleshooting log on www.rlauncher.com
  11. I do not make tutorial videos. So do not complain on this thread about videos. You can help this tutorial become better by posting what step you became stuck on. I do this in my spare time and I am not actually affiliated with HyperSpin.
  12. That's up to the moderators to either move this thread or lock it. If they lock this thread, I'll start a new thread over there.
  13. Updated the guide for new RocketLauncher and both regular hyperspin and beta hyperspin.
  14. It's doable. I'd get a 3.0 usb drive if I were doing this. Run everything through rocketlauncher when using hyperspin. After that it will only depend on the emulators. Some emulators store settings in the registry or in the %appdata% folder. Fixed the media pack link in step 16.
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