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  1. Thatll work. If i get the terminal blocks, fuses, fuse connector, and relays i should be all set.
  2. While the wiring looks easy. I'm having a pretty tough time figuring out what parts I need and where to buy them. As there can be multiple part numbers that look almost exact. Here's a list of parts I've acquired so far: 8 contactors (24v) shaker h dual bridge led wiz knocker cree leds flashers Outside of this, I don't have anything else. I believe I need: 1n4007 diodes (8?) http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/1N4007-T/1N4007DICT-ND/76454 Finder Relays (?) Fuses (?) Fuse Holders (?) Screw in Terminals (?) Any advice on the qty + maybe a possible source to buy them from?
  3. Very nice Greg! I cannot wait! It needs a hole for the power & hdmi or VGA. Can't tell from these pictures, but the whole board with monitor comes out right? I think I recall the BSG doing this.
  4. Very nice! it'll look great on your cab. I'm looking to have someone do some pinball side art if the person you used wants more jobs.
  5. Start saving cash. You burn through it way to quick when building a pincab.
  6. Can't wait for the first game on it!
  7. The larson scanner would look awesome if you put a tinted plexiglass in front of it so you don't see the leds.
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