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  1. Thatll work. If i get the terminal blocks, fuses, fuse connector, and relays i should be all set.
  2. While the wiring looks easy. I'm having a pretty tough time figuring out what parts I need and where to buy them. As there can be multiple part numbers that look almost exact. Here's a list of parts I've acquired so far: 8 contactors (24v) shaker h dual bridge led wiz knocker cree leds flashers Outside of this, I don't have anything else. I believe I need: 1n4007 diodes (8?) http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/1N4007-T/1N4007DICT-ND/76454 Finder Relays (?) Fuses (?) Fuse Holders (?) Screw in Terminals (?) Any advice on the qty + maybe a possible source to buy them from?
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