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  1. I'm all set. Was just using the old version of Hypersync. Up and running smoothly. I did send some bug reports from inside hyperbase, but they are all known issues.. My fault for not reading up more. Thanks again all.
  2. Thank you. Apologies, my searching skills are bad.. I'll be sure to tighten it up. Thought I was unable to login due to the phasing out of Hypersync. The info is much appreciated
  3. Hi all. Brand new here and I'll try to keep it brief. Did some searches, but looking for more answers. Anyhow, just bought the platinum membership here and the annual over at emumovies. So I'm excited to get things going! Can't seem to login to Hypersync with my Hyperspin account (credentials error), so I decide to give hyperbase a go since it seems Hypersync has reached the end of the line. Was able to get some wheels, cartridge and box art for both Atari and NES. That's as far as I can get. Oh, and movies for Atari as well. No movies will sync with NES (tried all 3 options). Then I made the mistake of bringing in MAME. Nothing. Bombs out my whole computer with low memory error. Assuming it's talking about RAM because I have 500gb free on the drive I'm using. I've got 4gb of RAM. Any way, get this low memory error and then a white screen. Reinstalled today trying to input just MAME, same thing. Guess it's just bad timing as Hyperbase seems to be rather buggy and Hypersync is EOL? Would love to actually be able to login to Hypersync... Any thoughts? I paid $80 to access this stuff and now I'm about to go back to manually doing it. Love the frontend, just a little bummed on what's happening right now. Seem to be in limbo.
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