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  2. Not sure if you have tried this? On the menu, Select Preferences -> Editor Options and un-tick 'Load Image Into Table Editor
  3. Never been on windows 8 myself for HyperSpin but what about running the exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode?
  4. Hi Danrocco Is this for all your systems or certain ones? If it is causing an issue you can either select 'drop system' at the bottom of the system list and then link the system again and retry syncing or manually add the database for the system from here http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Also check your systems are named correctly.
  5. That is awesome work. Well done!
  6. This may help you... http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/9001-instant-sheller/?hl=shell Or you can simply a shortcut in the startup folder. Depends on your version of windows...
  7. Not sure about the keypress part but you could always untick the 'exit hyperspin' option in HyperHQ to prevent the exit happening.
  8. Have you linked your systems in Hypersync? Click on the arcade icon on start up and then link each of your systems and what you would like to sync.
  9. I know how you feel....hence why the full size became a bartop which was just about acceptable in our house. My 4 year old loves it..... which winds the wife up even more... HAHA!
  10. Started 4-5 years ago by building a full size cab....never finished it....gave up. Built another one 3 years later and almost finished it but never fully completed all my systems.... moved house so it had to go. Now have an almost complete bartop in which the power supply blew (generic supply....learned the hard way!!) and it took out my motherboard with it. Hard drive was corrupt (no backup...again learned the hard way) so now re-building but its so much easier with how far HyperSpin has come. I will never give up! VIVA LA HYPERSPIN !!
  11. Truly amazing work ericleroi Great job!
  12. Great news....Thanks guys!
  13. Great job. Very professional finish!
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