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  1. Anpanman


  2. Anpanman

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    PM sent. Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Anpanman

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Every system i setup 12 gigs default 30 gigs left It's done this with every update. Even across two different operating systems.
  4. Anpanman

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Much like the early versions, this one doesn't sync at all. Even on a fresh install of win10.
  5. I had this issue with a stack of Dell 780 USFF units i bought. The power and LED boards needed to stay on the board in order to boot. Because of this, i desoldered the power button on the board and simply soldered a wire to where the switch used to be. Then i reattached the power/LED board back on the pc. Worked fine.
  6. Anpanman

    T-molding problem

    Never experienced this. This likely was caused because whoever put on the molding actually placed glue on the bottom half of the molding and not on the actual barb. You likely have a blown slot. If you really want to do it the proper way, bondo the slot and then cut yourself a new slot using a router.
  7. Anpanman

    T-molding problem

    pretty much all of them are 1/16. The only other solution i can think of is putting some masking tape on the barb to see if it thickens it up a bit. If not, use low temp hot glue. You can still remove it if you need to later down the road.
  8. Anpanman

    Super A'can

    Super A'can in mame/mess is a very very early implementation. If i remember correctly, the developers never even saw the console in person. Be grateful that something works on it at all.
  9. Anpanman

    Help me name my cab!

    Super Cabby Mc Cab-face Turbo
  10. Anpanman

    Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Gave this new build a whirl. I get tons of hyperbase live threads started up bringing the cpu to 100% but nothing further happens. No sync, doesn't even read the drive where my HS setup is at, just nothing. Left my pc like this for over an hour just to be sure it wasn't just running slow. Zero sync.
  11. Version 20160426


    Bandai Super Vision 8000 Main Menu Wheel
  12. Version 1.0


    simple Philips Videopac Plus G7400 main menu wheel
  13. Anpanman

    Cabinet cooling

  14. Anpanman

    Cabinet cooling

    overkill. get one large fan and monitor your temps. If you have to, use the second fan as a vent-out fan. above the cpu. Remember, heat rises.
  15. Anpanman

    Cabinet cooling

    Best course of action is to just cut a place for a fan near your cpu. Orient the fan towards the cpu and then monitor your temps. If that doesn't help then try flipping the fan over to pull air out. If that helps then its clear you have an issue with lingering heat inside of the cab.