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  1. HyperV is a no-frills vertically oriented version of Hyperspin with MAME containing the legal essentials needed to get most vertical games that are in known-working state in mame running with as little setup as possible. As far as I know HyperV is the only vertical Hyperspin setup which aimed to cover nearly every vertical title in MAME. The list intentionally excludes mature and electro-mechanical games that require additional hardware. The idea behind HyperV is to allow quick setup of a physical, dedicated vertical arcade cabinets with as little fuss as possible. The build is based around MAME's ROL or rotate left function. If you are running this on a real Arcade or VGA CRT and your vertical monitor is not rotated left then you will either have to physically rotate your monitor or do a quick yoke pin swap. LCD guys...If i have to explain how to rotate your LCD then you probably shouldn't be using this... Because Hyperspin was only intended to run in horizontal mode, HyperV is considered hackey at best but does not contain any major deal-breaker errors. It does not modify the actual HyperSpin executable in any way. Consider it a clever theme hack. Theme creators will quickly realize that we spent a lot of time with our heads tilted. In place of Hyperspin's native text for game titles and game info, we used hypermint to create that info as an image which allowed us to easily manipulate where we could add the game info. It includes a bare-bones theme and Arcade flyers in place of making custom themes. HyperV's default control scheme is exactly that of default MAME. Your favorite flavor of MAME should be installed in the /Emulators/MAME folder and your mame executable should be called MAME.EXE Some people asked me about this time time ago. Real life and other things have gotten in the way. I also wanted to hold off in making an update until i had another physical vertical cabinet to do some true and final testing. Unfortunately I moved twice, had some health issues and money has been tight. Credits: HyperTate for the base and original inspiration CPZ, PixelNog, STF, ArcadeAction and K7 for testing Download: Available on the FTP in /Upload Here/_Other/HyperV
  2. Anpanman


  3. I had this issue with a stack of Dell 780 USFF units i bought. The power and LED boards needed to stay on the board in order to boot. Because of this, i desoldered the power button on the board and simply soldered a wire to where the switch used to be. Then i reattached the power/LED board back on the pc. Worked fine.
  4. Version 20160426


    Bandai Super Vision 8000 Main Menu Wheel
  5. Version 1.0


    simple Philips Videopac Plus G7400 main menu wheel
  6. Version 1.0


    Simple Casio PV-2000 Main Menu Wheel
  7. Version 20150925


    quick and simple Sega SG-1000 main menu theme I created this theme because the original HS SG-1000 theme is rather grainy and the image quality is not that great. The second theme set has mis-matched main and system menus and the third is a 16x9 theme.
  8. 123 downloads

    based on johnodon's original theme. Streamlined and modified to allow boxart in the Artwork 4 slot.
  9. 134 downloads

    Box Art for Philips VG 5000 home computer.
  10. just looking to get a little confirmation here. The hypersync thread says its available to anyone but it only works for platinum members?
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