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  1. I built my Bartop in 2016 and had the latest version of hyperspin at that time. The PC runs windows 7 and is not connected to the internet. I know has been updated alot since then and I'm wondering, with the latest update, can I update hyperspin seamlessly without having anything messed up? I would download it on another pc and use a thumb drive to update if possible. Not sure if it is automated or if I just copy the files over the old ones. I'd like everything to stay the same right now the way I have it I just want the bug fixes. Thanks.
  2. I'm afraid that is over my head a bit as far as running scripts. I have heard of AHK scripts but have no experience what so ever creating or running them. What you said does make sense though, I just wouldnt know how to begin to implement them. I don't understand why Hyperspin would only have keyboard delay for player 1 controls, considering player 2 is really just another assignment for the same controls that player 1 uses. It doesn't make any sense to me... if there is no way to change it they definitely should implement this in a patch. I guess for now I am just stuck with a slippery wheel when using the player 2 controls to select games, unless anyone else has anything to add?? :/
  3. Hey guys, I am using a minipac and just got my control panel build for an arcade. I tested things out last night and I noticed that my player 2 joystick has no keyboard delay on it compared to player 1. When using the player 2 controls to navigate through the wheels... it occasionally skips two or three wheels. If you push it down and hold it, it instantly starts spinning through the wheels vs player 1 which waits a second or two before actually starting to spin through the wheels. I have tested my controls and stuff... it seems to be that "keyboard delay" only applies to player 1 in Hyperspin. Is this true? I noticed the selection for it under controls in HyperHQ is only on the player 1 side. I don't understand why it wouldn't apply to both but is there any fix for this? Its mildly annoying. Thanks.
  4. I'm confused guys... I actually just bought a lifetime membership to emumovies expecting to use hypersync to get all the video snaps for my systems... are you guys telling me that I can't do this now because I have to also buy a platinum membership to hypersync???? Cause it was my understanding that emumovies was for video snaps and hyperspin membership was for box art, wheels, etc. I only need the video snaps. WTH??! I am getting this message too btw. Can someone educate me on this?
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