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  1. If the sdcard is formatted as fat32 the case shouldn't matter. If its formatted as exFAT, or EXT they are case sensitive.
  2. So I finally tried to give Dolphin on Android a shot, and I'm pretty surprised at how good it runs. SSBM is playable, getting 40-50fps in most levels, but still a little slow. I'll probably stick with gamestreaming the desktop version, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Badhemi, I used version dolphin-master-4.0-6000.apk to configure the controllers, and dolphin-master-4.0-9375 (latest at the time) to play games.
  3. Yes, I am a programmer professionally, although regex is not my strong suit. Luckily I am very good at searching stack overflow and there are some regex pros on there. Unfortunately I ran into some side effects of making this change to the database... All the artwork and video is referenced off the "name" property of a game so an additional folder is needed for every type of artwork/video in order to get them all working properly. I may write a script to do this down the road, but for the moment I'm content with keeping my rom library sorted and not having the artwork. Ideally I would like to see hyperspin support subfolders on android, perhaps through an argument in the rompath like this: rompath=Emulators/Sony Playstation/roms/<name>/ where <name> would be replaced by the game name specified in the database upon launching a rom.
  4. Okay, so I want to provide some details for anyone looking to do this and keep a persistent link from their shield for the networked drive. This should work on other Android devices too. First of all, root will be required. I'm not going to detail the steps of gaining root access, please refer to XDA for that. Here are the proper steps to set this up: 1. root your device 2. install busybox 3. create the folder that matches <folder on SDCARD> in the script below, where SDCARD is the internal memory 4. run the script on network start (I use SManager for this, and check the "Net", and "Su" options 5. go into SuperSU and make sure the "Enable su during boot" option is turned on And the script: setenforce Permissive su --mount-master -c busybox mount -o username=<username>,password=<password>,rw,noperm -t cifs //<ipaddress>/<share> /data/media/0/<folder on SDCARD>
  5. Not sure what the best way to embed a video is, but here is a quick video I took: http://sendvid.com/zpxq68l3 Basically the steps are this: Open the database.xml file for the system in notepad++ Search -> Replace Set "Find what" to: (?<=\<game name=\")(.*?)(?=\") Set "Replace with" to: $0/$0 And finally make sure "Regular expression" is marked in the Search Mode Click Replace All and then save your file. If you want to reverse these settings, use these values for the regex: (?<=\<game name=\")(.*?)/(.*?)(?=\") $1 Just one last thing, the regex is searching for the string <game name=" and stops when it sees the next double quote so if you have any additional spaces or name is not the first attribute on the game element in the xml then it won't find the right string, but you can likely modify the regex to fit your needs.
  6. So I ended up modifying the database using this regex in notepad++. Search: (?<=\<game name=\")(.*?)(?=\") Replace with: $0/$0 Everything is working as expected now with the roms in their own individual folders.
  7. I could have sworn I had gotten this working on my Shield, but apparently not. I must have been playing Daytona on the gamestream. Sorry, Sega Model 2 does not have a working core at the moment.
  8. I would second the GBA, every game I've thrown at it has worked so far. Also, the SNES roms seem to work just fine as well. I'd say both systems are "Most Playable". Sega Genesis and Sega Model 2 both seem to work well too (haven't found an unplayable rom yet).
  9. So if I put all the bin/cue files in a single folder I'll have more than 5000+ files in there. Some games have as many as 80 .bin tracks and it would be an ugly mess. I'd prefer to keep all the .cue files in a single folder and add the path to the reference to the bin files but it would be a lot of work. What are your opinions of doing something like this in the database file: <game name="007 - The World Is Not Enough (USA)/007 - The World Is Not Enough (USA)" index="true" image="0"> It seems to work but I'm not sure if there would be any negative consequences... Also, what does it mean when the romsonly flag is set to true? Does that mean it only shows a rom on the wheel if it can find the associated rom file (*.cue in this case)? I was also curious if there is a reason why subfolders don't work in Android? Is that by design or a bug? If by design, what is the reasoning behind that? Thanks!
  10. I am trying to get my Playstation Wheel setup for Android and I have been running into some issues... First of all, I grabbed the "Sony Playstation.ini" from the android settings pack as a base and updated my rom path accordingly. Initially I was getting kicked right back to the main menu screen and was advised to disable the "romsonly" filter which got all my roms to show properly. However I am not able to launch any of them as the path is not being formed correctly. I am seeing the game try to launch a rom from "Playstation/roms/rom name.cue" when my roms are sorted in folders like this: "Playstation/roms/rom name/rom name.cue". How can I get Hyperspin to include the folder path as well. I have tried setting searchsubfolders to true but it didn't make a difference. I can add the extra folder path to the game name in the XML, but this seems like a hack. Anyone have any suggestions?
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