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  1. neohusky


    Hi All I'd like to convert and image for use on a real DMD. I know this can be done using photoshop. had read that badboybill had created an excellent tool called DMD-it which was available here. Unfortunately the link is now broken. Does anyone have a copy of this to reupload or share/ Thanks
  2. Hi Russ I don't know how actively supported hyperpin is, but, have you had a look a PinballX. A DMD API has recently been developed.
  3. neohusky

    And so it Begins again....New Build

    Rome wasn't built in a day either
  4. neohusky

    Contactor Placement - "Bumper Back"

    Upgrade to 10 contactors if you can now that DOF is around. It sounds and feels sweet.
  5. neohusky

    And so it Begins again....New Build

    This looks sweet! I noticed a contactor in on of those photos. If your going the forcefeedback route: There's a guy in Canada near you that sells some sweet electronic feedback kits. That is of course assuming you won't be running this on steam Good luck with the build!
  6. neohusky

    High Voltage pin 46/27/DMD

    I've test fit my playfield a few times and wasn't sure exactly how close to the lockdown bar the edge of the screen should be. ie. in an ideal world should the playfield and lockdown be in line when looked down at from above?
  7. neohusky

    High Voltage pin 46/27/DMD

    Looking good. How much gap did you have between the playfield monitor and the lockdown bar?
  8. neohusky

    Tron Cabinet Build 39-28-17

    Ill accept that
  9. neohusky

    Tron Cabinet Build 39-28-17

    He's got 4 months to meet the 2013 commitment
  10. I thought you may have been lucky to have those mounting holes already there for you. Unfortunately mine doesn't have anything as sturdy as that. I've got a couple of tiny holes on each side of the bezel that ill look at more closely on the weekend. My alternate solution is to use a heavy duty epoxy to stick a bracket onto the back/side of the monitor and then attach that to some batons.
  11. Just wanted to know about how you mounted the backglass monitor. Did the monitor you used have screw holes on the bezel or did you drill your own?
  12. I had read up a little on the DOF but wasn't sure how far along it was. It's AWESOME knowing its only around the corner. Im also glad to hear I wouldn't need much more to get extra toys. Another LEDwiz and bare bones booster.
  13. I thought you were using Zeb's boards with the ledwiz. How are you handling the extra outputs?
  14. neohusky

    Sad day for the Tiki Gods cabinet

    This is exactly was I was told by Vishay. I had to arrange shipping from Australia back to VirtuaPin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2