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  1. Really?!!!! Deffinitly will get this happening. Can you point me in the right direction?
  2. I was getting the same thing. Then I remember that in Win 7 you need to run it in Admin (right click, open as admin) otherwise you can play as much as you like but cannot program the Ipac. I still forget every now and then and start getting really pissed off and then I remember:embarassed:
  3. Hey mate. Keep those updates flowing. I really look foward to seeing your progress. It is such a different set-up and very well thought out. You have some good wood working skills. Good job with the speakers.
  4. Great work Circo. A huge accomplishment. So what are you going to do now
  5. Comming along nicely. Like the checker plate kick board, very nice.
  6. Thanks for the info Lucian. Any idea how long your tubes normally are that you ship in? Just looking at some prices which are a bit far fetched for UPS and fedex etc. Not sure what a realistic lenght for a tube would be though. Not ready for any art work as yet. Work in progress. But would be great to know what I would be up for if I wnet through yourself. (i.e. squirel away from the wife )
  7. Any idea on a ball park figure for postage to Australia? I wont hold you to it:deal: Would prefer to get my artwork done by someone who actually knows what I am wanting instead of a printing place that does prints, if you know what I mean.
  8. Looks great. Shame that I'm not going to hook the Wii into my cab. Interested in seeing the others you are making.
  9. Great cabinet mate. Well done. Looks very flash. Look foward to the FTP upload with the themes. Nice Youtube vids of the system too. Thanks for sharing.
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