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  1. 892 downloads

    NEC PC Engine - 3D Box Pack
  2. you dont need a cd drive I dont think I ever used my with all the emulation software like daemon tools. That shaves off a few dollars
  3. all the old stuff has been deleted and is not supported anymore!!
  4. Is this artwork from the HS Project that everybody is so hard at work on? or is this the best of previous artwork already released. I didnt think the 3D boxes for Snes were done yet? Just wondering other than that great job =)
  5. Add the system cave in hyperhq and just use MAME for the module. point to your mame rom folder for those specific cave games. Make sure you have a latest version of mame that include cave. I think thats a few versions ago for CPS I got it to work but not sure if it was the best way since I got a Red ! lol. Add Capcom Play Station in HyperHQ and I use Final burn alpha as a emulator by using the add emulator. then I browsed for the locations of everything. I think you have to manually type in the address to the module (Final Burn Alpha) since it wont let you browse for it. Also I might have made a copy of the module and Named it to Capcom Play Station but can not remember. But anyway it works. Hope this helps
  6. This just happened to me!! Whoever put this in Hyperlaunch it awesome. TOASTY!
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