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  1. You guys are right. I found most of these MAME themes by just doing a search. Silly me, why did I not think of that, lol. Anyway, I could not find these MAME themes: Dogyuun Hotdog Storm Shanghai III Sidewinder Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission UN Defense Force: Earth Joker Zero Zone I need these themes to finish my HyperSpin for my MAME arcade cabinet. If you guys need me to help with anything just let me know.
  2. You guys have done a wonderful job on HyperSpin. I am greatly impressed. But, the following Themes are still needed for MAME coin-op games: Dogyuun Donpachi Dragon Saber ESPgaluda ESPgaluda II Galmedes Guardian Storm Hotdog Storm Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Lethal Thunder Magician Lord Mystic Riders Shanghai III Sidewinder Sorcer Striker Spin Master Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission UN Defence Force: Earth Joker Zero Zone When creating these themes, keep in mind each games orientation - landscape or portrait. The area of the theme that displays the game video should be the same as the game, either landscape or portrait. I have noticed that many of the themes already created have the portrait games videos displayed in landscape mode. These look like crap and need to be corrected. NEVER display portrait mode games in a landscape mode screen, or landscape mode games on a portrait mode screen. I am saying this not to pick on you guys, but, in the hopes that you can keep up the great work and make HyperSpin better
  3. It appears that the default skin in HyperSpin is set up for landscape (horizontal mode) games. Because of this, games that are in portrait mode, like most of the shoot'em ups, look really bad. I am building a MAME arcade for just the portrait (vertical mode) games. Is there a skin for HyperSpin that is designed to display the videos of portrait games well? I will also build a second MAME arcade just for the landscape games, so, the default skin will work well for those games. Thank you for your help, guys
  4. About 90% of all MAME (CoinOp) games suck. How do I remove the games from the HyperSpin games list? I only want the 5-star games to show up in the list. I have the roms in the MAME\roms folder and the videos in the MAME\videos folder. Everything works fine, except I have to scroll thru a bunch of crappy games in the HyperSpin list to get to the actual good games. I am building 2 MAME arcade cabinets. One will be for vertical games (mainly shoot'em ups), and the other will be for horizontal games. So, each MAME arcade will have its own HyperSpin setup.
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