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  1. at this point even Rapture is more likely to occur then the fabled 2.0 release...
  2. Hey Klopjer0, are you going to be releasing any more of those awesome MS-DOS themes anytime soon?

    1. KlopjerO


      no, sorry. but feel free to create your own :) I'm looking forward to it.

  3. I posted it some place else I think, but for those of you who are wondering. My laptop died. very tragic.

    Wanted to turn it on, attached the powersupp. "pop" magical blue smoke. and that was that.
    And I don't have the means to get a new one. so... my development has come to an abrupt stop.

    however I can provide source files of the stuff I was working on if anyone is interested.  I'm just putting it out here. let me know..


  4. I was wrestling with the same questions. what is it for ? Personally I think the focus should be special interest clubs, that you wouldn't want to bother the main forums with. Technical things like Action script issues or something. maybe other hobbies like Warhammer or breeding dwarf wooly mammoths. music in my case. I dont think main hyperspin related things should be posted in these clubs, because chances are that that would effect the main forums. and we wouldnt want to give the wrong impression to new comers.
  5. I feel audited. @Avar

  6. Dear diary, I might have made my self a bit unpopular today.

  7. ScummVM - Rex nebular and cosmic genderbender-klopjero View File Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender is a point-and-click graphic adventure game developed and published by MicroProse in November of 1992. The game is the first graphical adventure game developed by MicroProse. It was developed using the MicroProse Adventure Development system, and made use of 256-colour graphics.[1] Tommo purchased the rights to this game and digitally publishes it through its Retroism brand in 2015.[2] Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  8. did you ever finish that awesome tidy barbarian theme ? or did you get fed up with THK's nit-picking ?

  9. ScummVM - gabriel Knight 2 : The Beast Within-klopjero View File The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery is an interactive movie point-and-click adventure game released by Sierra On-Line in 1995. Unlike its predecessor Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, released in 1993, The Beast Within was produced entirely in full motion video. The technology was popular at the time of the game's production with the recently introduced storage capabilities of CD-ROMs, but was expensive to produce. Its sequel, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned used a rendered 3D engine. In 1996, Computer Gaming World magazine named it their game of the year.[3] Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/12/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits
  10. ScummVM - police Quest 4 - open season-klopjero View File Police Quest: Open Season is the fourth installment of Sierra On-Line's popular Police Quest series. Released in 1993, it was created by retired Police Chief Daryl F. Gates, who was the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) from 1978 to 1992. He replaced ex-California Highway Patrol officer Jim Walls as the designer of the franchise. The game is listed as Police Quest 4 (PQ4) in the manual. It is also shown in the file names and the credits, and when exiting the game in DOS, "Thank you for playing Police Quest IV: Open Season". The number does not appear on the title screen. Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/11/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  11. ScummVM - mortville manor-klopjero View File Mortville Manor (French: Le Manoir de Mortevielle) is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Lankhor in 1987 on Atari ST. There were several adaptations, amongst other Amstrad CPC, Amiga, IBM PC compatibles. The game was released in French, English and German. Its speech synthesis was a first at the time. You are Jérôme Lange, a famous private investigator, involved in the strange events of the Mortville Manor. The game can be solved extremely quickly if you are given the solution. After a French computer magazine published a walkthrough, allowing its readers to solve the game without even having understood the plot, an altered version was published and replaced the original. This new version was completely identical except that at a specific point in the adventure, the player had to correctly answer a series of questions about the game's plot to be allowed to continue further. The game was written by Bernard Grelaud and Bruno Gourier, with illustrations by Dominique Sablons with Maria-Dolores. Music and voices were provided by Beatrice Langlois and Jean-Luc Langlois. "Le Manoir de Morteveille" was subsequently translated into English (Mick Andon) and German. A version for PC was released in 1988, adapted by Clement Roques. Mortville Manor was followed by its sequel Maupiti Island, taking place on a tropical island. Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/10/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  12. ScummVM - Broken sword 2.5-klopjero View File Broken Sword 2.5 The Return of the Templars is an unofficial part of the Broken Sword series. It is a game created by fans to explain what happens during the time between Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror and Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. This fan game was originally released in German but an English voice pack was released during 2010 making the game available in both English and German. It is a short game that stays relatively true to the story and feeling of the series. As can be expected by a game created by hardcore fans of the game. The game is a freeware windows game and can be downloaded by anyone for free. The game was developed and released by german company MindFactory. The game took an entire eight years to develop and the development started in the year 2000. The final product was released on 28 September 2008. The game was an response to the gap in the story that fans see between the second and third game. Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/10/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits
  13. hi!,

    nice job on the scummvm Cinematic!

    I love the maniac mansion animation.

  14. ScummVM - torin's Passage -klopjero(20170604) View File Torin's Passage is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1995. The game was designed by Al Lowe but holds the distinction of being a family friendly game by Lowe, author of the adult-oriented Leisure Suit Larry series of games. Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/04/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  15. ScummVM - Amazon-klopjero(20170603) View File Amazon: Guardians of Eden is a point-and-click adventure video game for MS-DOS from Access Software. It is one of the first games to feature super VGA graphics, digitized voice-overs, and an online (in game) hint system.[1] Amazon is a movie adventure game about a 1957 expedition into the heart of the Amazon basin: "a desperate, crazed message sends [the player] on a perilous search through a land where legends come to life, danger hides behind every corner, and incredible treasures wait to be discovered." Submitter KlopjerO Submitted 06/03/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits
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