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  1. I installed that download into my hyperspin folder and extracted it. It asked to override some files that were already there so i allowed it but it still didn't work.
  2. I just checked HS and no it doesn't do anything. It highlights in the taskbar at the bottom but doesn't do anything.
  3. I open up HQ and this is what shows up, I have reinstalled it and it's still the same. I'll have to look for the video, it was a tutorial on YouTube. U am using a TV monitor in a arcade cabinet I built. I'm using windows 10.
  4. Been a few years since i started this arcade so im redoing it all from the beginning. I'm trying to get thew Hyper hq wheel as per the video. Except the app is all scrambled with layer upon layer. I seen another post saying they re unzipped the file but that didnt work for me.
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