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  1. I can't find the 1N4007 diodes in my area... Can I use 1N4005 in their place? I am running 12v on.a few items and 24v on contactors and replay knocker. Thanks Josh
  2. with the new WIP8 do I need to add the lines [startup Program] Executable = C:\HyperPin\LEDSet.bat Parameters = Working_Directory = WinState = HIDDEN [Exit Program] Executable = C:\HyperPin\LEDClear.bat Parameters = Working_Directory = WinState = HIDDEN for the LED clear and set for hyperpin still? Or is setting LEDWIZ = True all I need to do? The ledwiz outputs dont seem to clear if I just set it to true.
  3. using a keyboard right now. Still tweaking and testing my setup while waiting on parts to arrive... I have Under Keyboard exit = 69 (should be e) under FPLaunch exitemulatorkey=e I set VP up to use e as the exit key also. What am I doing wrong, im sure its me LOL
  4. Thanks saw it after posting... My real problem is now when I exit a table it still leaves VP running once I exit out of hyperpin and everything... What can I do to resolve this. I think I changed all the keys I needed to from esc to end...
  5. I have installed the Last version - 1.295 WIP 8: I wanted to use Darkfalls LEDwiz set and clear files. Do I just install those where he says since this is supposed to include support for his files? I don't need to modify anything in the files included with Last version - 1.295 WIP 8: to make them work correct? Thanks for all the hard work.
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