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Thanks for the mention.

And I just wanted to let everyone know that the 'private beta' phase of my project is now over - thanks to the support of the very active HyperSpin community!

A new phase has just started: 'open beta'.

All my 59 Game & Watch/Handheld Simulators have just been released publicly, and you will have the chance to take part to the public beta testing, until 16th November.

Downloadable games, screenshots, information and news are available here:


Thanks :-)

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    • By Marcoqwerty
      SPEEDrive Project, based on a Jamma coin-op with inside a pc.
      - Original 25" CRT Monitor (emudriver)
      - 360° Wheel - Shifter UP/DOWN with NOS
      - Rumble
      - CPO Light Button
      - 2xLed stripes on the back (output controlled)
      - Pedal with micro and pot - 2.1 audio system + 100w Subwoofer
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      Since most Hyperspin sets are not updated in PD since 2013-2014 and there are some important systems not uploaded (PSX), I am trying to rebuild my own sets from Hyperlist official XML and No-Intro/Redump/Trurip sets.
      I am examining the XML structure and I see that it only identifies the rom by its name, not by CRC cheksum or similar. But oddly enough, I load the XML into latest clrmamepro, point to full PSX redump (USA) source folder, press rebuild and get a:
      Source-Files:           1720
      - now even counting files in archives -
      Analyzed Files:         10984
      Created Files:          0
      Matched Files:          0
      Skipped Files:          10984
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      What I am doing worng? Do I need to convert the XML to DAT so clrmamepro can read it correctly?
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      Sony PlayStation.xml
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