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Trackball and Lightgun working in Mame but not Hyperspin

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Hi everyone,  

These forums have been great and I am getting into final steps of my machine setup.  Couldnt have done it without you.  Here is my roadblock.....

I have an aimtrak lightgun and a utrak trackball both running via Mame.  Games like golden tee and area 51 work great when launched straight from mame.

Once I open the same games via hyperspin nothing works.  The lightgun will still work in Nestopia so I know its close, but I am not sure what I have configured wrong. 

Does this have something to do with me using a keyboard encoder?

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I don't use an aimtrak but I will take a guess at what may be wrong. Are you using Rocketlauncher and do you have more than one mame.ini file? Could be that the ini file being used when launched via the frontend does not have the correct settings.

If you have just the mame ini then this may not help.

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This was a simple fix, if you are running a MAMEUI, just copy the ‘mame’ config in the Ini folder and paste it into the main folder where your MAMEUI.exe is located. This should work for all MAMEUI64, MAMEPLUS  etc. You don’t have to rewrite anything or create a batch file or a new ini. All MAMEUI should already have a ini FOLDER  with mame config file in it.

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