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Tredog's Mini-Pin Arcade Cabinet

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Here are the FINAL pics of the build:




------------------- ORIGINAL THREAD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here are my plans so far for my Mini-Pin. At first I was just wanting to build it as cheap as possible thinking Pinball was not really my thing, however, now that I have gone through the tables and played a bit, I am officially loving it. I have already purchased most of the parts to build an arcade style pin machine, but am already planning on building a true looking pinball down the road.


Using an asus 24in IPS for the playfield and an old 17in Neovo 4:3 Monitor for the backglass.


Edited by Tredog

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4 X 16x36x5/8" Project Boards ... $7.50 each

1 X 16x72x5/8 Project Board ... $14.00

Used HP p6610f Computer (Win7) ... $0.00 (was being recycled)

OCZ Vertex 4 (128GB) SSD ... $0.00 (Old SSD Drive)

MSI ATI R5750 Video Card ... $0.00 (Dad upgraded and gave me this one)

Asus 24" VN248H-P IPS Monitor ... $135.00 (Open Box Newegg.com)

Neovo 17" 4:3 Monitor ... $0.00 (First LCD Monitor, still laying around)

Dell 2.1 Speaker System ... $0.00 (was being recycled)

No Delay USB Encoder ... $10.23 (Shipped from china)

All Chrome Arcade Buttons, Large Launch Button, and Fake Coin Buttons ... $29.64

LED's to replace the non LED buttons ... $5.95

White 5/8 T-Molding (40') ... $18.00

RandR's Bam kit w/Belt Clip ... $106.33

2" Speaker Covers ... $3.40

LED Tubes (one violet, one white) ... $21.90

4 Channel Fan Speed Controller ... $8.59 (From China)

Total ... $383.04


Window 7 x64


204 Tables

Future Pinball






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Progress so far:

Cut the angle for the sides, rounded edges (rough still)

Cut the bottom and test fit sides

Cut temporary front, palm rest, and backbox rest

Test fit all buttons, speaker system, and playfield screen

Test fit the repurposed legs that arrived today (Think these were on a small school lunch table, smells of spoiled milk, lol)





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I am no longer modifying my table for the PS3 Cams/IR Tracking Kit from RandR... I will just stick to the original plan due to the kit not working properly with the small cabinet size. The IR Tracking seems to pickup everyone tall and small from about the 4' range, my cabinet is only 3' deep. I tested them sitting on top of the backglass and it worked well for tall people, but not my youngest daughter (6).

So if anyone is interested in buying the kit from me (Everything except the free t-shirt :)Paid $106.33 + Shipping + $2.99 Drivers + $4.99 SDK Software) Asking $75 + 10 Shipping (PM Me). If not, I will just mount them to a board that fits on the backglass for temporary use. My kids fight enough without me giving them another reason to, not leaving one of them out.


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Made some progress today...

Removing the legs:


Getting Started:


Disassembled Backglass:


Routed Groove for glass to seat properly:


Added Back Support wood, and Trim to top to sandwich glass between:


Test Fit PC/Video Card/PSU/Cooling Fan:


Routed and added supports for play field glass:


Lower Half View of Test Fit:


Upper Half showing play field monitor support:


Looking Down from back to front:


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No Major updates, been too cold here near Cincinnati... Been spending this extra time to plan paint colors and possible artwork to apply. For those that have not found these threads, great artwork available here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=26497 with previews of each here: http://imgur.com/a/MhlPm#0

Hats off to stuzza for making them possible!!!

Here are the latest pics with glass:




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The power of photoshop helping me decide what graphics to get printed. Here is a rough idea of what it would look like with graphics from DFWArcade:


Edited by Tredog

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Artwork dimensions

A: [sides x 2] 36" x 15 7/8" (Front 10" tall) (angle starts 6" from back)

B: [backglass Sides x 2] 7 1/2" x 20" (Bottom is 6")

C: [Front] 16" x 9 1/8"

D: [Palm Rest] 16" x 4 5/8"

E: [Area under backglass] 16" x 1 3/4"

F: [speaker Area] 18" x 4 1/2"

***Speaker centers are 2 3/4" from sides, 2 1/4" from bottom, and 1' 1/2" apart from each other

***Would like the Red HyperPin logo centered (slightly larger) between speakers where the dmd would be and remove the black dmd box (open to other ideas)

***On front, maybe switch tron characters to the right so they are not covered by buttons?

Let me know any other information you need!


Edited by Tredog

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Another mock up in Photoshop. If you can't tell, I'm getting excited about finishing this project.

***UPDATED with final graphics for print***


Edited by Tredog
Graphics changed

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Josh (DFWArcade) sent the updated graphics for the cabinet:


You can find his artwork here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/album.php?u=20148

And Brad (Lucian045) for printing services here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?14150-Decals-and-Printing-for-your-Hyperpin-Cabinet

Edited by Tredog

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Took almost my entire Sunday, but I have the Graphics and T-molding on. Thanks again to DFWArcade and Lucian045 for making this thing look BAD ASS! Hope to have the Guts back in by the end of the week... I know my wife can't wait for the piles of tools/pc parts to be removed from the living room. Here are the latest pics:





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If I had room, it would be full size all the way. With no basement and not wanting to put one in the garage, this was the best fit. Unfortunately the pictures do not do the mini-pin justice. Will try to get some pics with better lighting... After I do a bit of tinkering with VP and learn the ins/outs, I am sure I will probably build a full size cab and keep it at the shop until I move to a larger home (1yr+ Project). The mini-pin will most likely be mostly Future Pinball tables.

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Tredog, what a great cabinet! Way to go man... I mean dawg!! It was great to revisit my Hyper pin design. Making it into your mini dimensions was fun. I forgot how much time went into making this version years ago. It really is a head turner. It's on some full scale cabs all over the globe. The last one we made went to a forum member in France. So your in select company.

Thanks for selecting my design and working with Lucian045 & I on getting this printed and shipped to you. His prints are hands down the best in the business. High quality vinyl and he knows how to get the colors to vibrantly pop off the decals. They really are pro grade decals and people need to see them in person to really see the difference.

We going to post an update to this decal set on the forums to offer this new mini version. I'm really digging the speaker bezel and unique top pieces to your build. I used white t-molding on my stand up arcade cab and it really makes for a stand out clean edge on any build. Awesome job!

Thank you, all the best!


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