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  1. How to install HyperSpin

    Great tuto, thanks
  2. HD Frontend Menu Images 16x9

    Hi Avar, If you are interested 100% Vector versions of this content, it should provides a very clean rendering on all resolutions and Aspect Ratios Thanks Bubs Here:
  3. I upgraded the Favorties, Exit background and arrows to 100% vector, it should now appear very clean on any resolution Note: they were redraw from scratch
  4. Version 4.5.1


    This is a Vecor special media pack to replace HyperSpin original "Specials" & "Menu" medias, with improved quality. It's made to exactly replicate the original style, but with a much improved quality (vector and aspect ratio) Updated content is: Footer animations (Next/Prev Game, Press Start, Free Play), for Main menu as well as for all Game Systems (Next, Previous, Forward, Backward) Those are the .swf files under images/special folders of Main menu & Systems Exit and Favorites menu (Background, Texts and arrows) Those are the .png files under frontend/images/special Benefits are: No jagged graphics Smoother animations Native Compatibility with all resolutions (4K included) Correct Aspect Ratio in 16/9 and 4/3 Smaller files How to Install: Please copy Media folder corresponding to your screen aspect ratio (4/3 or 16/9) to your Media folder (for Main Menu and Frontend), and copy files under (FOR_SYSTEMS) to each Game System folder, You can execute the batch script under FOR_SYSTEMS to automatically copy game systems specials to all systems (to be done once archive copied to your HyperSpin folder) You also have to redo the copy every time you create a new system with HyperHQ, as HyperHQ create default arts which are not Vector Note: .png files under /Frontend/ are .swf files renamed to .png, they cannot be open under an Image viewer Thank you Bubs FOOTER: Before (Bitmap): After (Vector): 16/9 Before (Bitmap, stretched): 16/9 After (Vector, not stretched): HiDPi Detail: MENU (Exit & Favorites): Before (Bitmap): After (Vector): 16/9 Before (Bitmap is stretched): 16/9 After (Vector is not stretched):
  5. Bubs

  6. Hypersync misplaced files

    Update on this one : those images are on the FTP, so the resolution need to happen there... not sure who is managing the ftp..?
  7. hi martijnx, i upgraded rocketlauncher.. and it looks fine to me ... could you explain how you still get the issue ? thanks bubs
  8. On my side, the main bug is solved, but there is a slight 1 sec delay when HS resume, and there are some glitchs when the keyboard is pressed a bit too much before the emulator start.... ... Those are manageable issues, but works a bit less optimal than the workaround (but will force to never update RL again )
  9. Hey martijnsx, did you had your RL issue fully solved? Thanks
  10. Hi, I didn't tried the update yet, but according to RL forum, it was supposed to be solved: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4264-Bug-FrontEnd-remain-suspended-when-emulator-exit-on-its-own&p=33788#post33788 Can you try to post there? Thanks Bubs
  11. Hypersync misplaced files

    Same issue here... Mame wheels in the theme folder.. [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, 3wonders.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, aliensyn.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, bionicc.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, blktiger.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, btime.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, dominos.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, gorf.png [01/10/2017 20:48:06] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, gyruss.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, ladybug.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, lkage.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, llander.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, mrdo.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, omegrace.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, pandoras.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, snowbros.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, stratof.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, topgun.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, trackfld.png [01/10/2017 20:48:07] [DOWNLOADED] - MAME, Game Themes, varth.png
  12. The code in Option 2 disable the animation of the Fade Out. You still have to activate the Fade out in RL settings.
  13. martinjnx, the workaround you're asking is the Option 2 I shared previously, this is what i'm using right know, and it's working.
  14. A "workaround" was shared on RL forums, bascially: You have to change a script in the RL folder ( \Lib\Fade.ahk) Option 1: You are using the FadeOut: Change: this FadeOutExit(){ Gosub, FadeOutExit } to : FadeOutExit(){ Gosub, ShowFE Gosub, FadeOutExit } Option 2: You are not using the Fadeout: First, activate the fadeout in RL UI, and in previous file, Change this: FadeOutStart(){ Gosub, FadeOutStart Gosub, ShowFE } FadeOutExit(){ Gosub, FadeOutExit } to: FadeOutStart(){ Gosub, ShowFE } FadeOutExit(){ Gosub, ShowFE } Let us know if it works
  15. Brolly from RL confirmed it's a bug, see : http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4264-Bug-FrontEnd-remain-suspended-when-emulator-exit-on-its-own&goto=newpost hopefully it will be resolved :-)