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  1. Super street fighter 4 AE ttx 2 player help please!

    Sorry to drag up an old thread but I am having issues with getting 2012 to work in 2p. The files I have come with 2 files named similarly: Super Street Fighters 4 Arcade Edition Ver 2012.exe and Super Street Fighters 4 Arcade Edition (2p).exe I am not sure what to do with the file named: Super Street Fighters 4 Arcade Edition (2p).exe
  2. Not sure if this is the best place but here goes. I have Hyperspin on a windows 10 build in Kiosk mode. It is connected to the net so I can remote in and do things as the CRT is too much of a pain to use for configuring things. My Cabinet updated the other day and it broke my CRTEmu driver and a few other annoyances. I un-did the "upgrade" and disabled windows updates in services. To my amazement the service was turned back on as I started getting prompts for updates again. Any suggestions on how to disable the updates all together and any suggestions on what else I should do since I am using windows 10? Yes I know I could take it off the network (but I don't want to) and yes I know windows 7 might of been better but I already had windows 10 and don't have a legal copy of 7.
  3. will this rig be able to run well?

    In short, sure it will run them; the search is above the hyperspin logo on the website.
  4. acpowell

  5. Work so far (updated 7/5/2017)

    I have updated my original post.
  6. Work so far (updated 7/5/2017)

    I now have the CRT wired up and installed. No photos/videos of it running yet because I need to install a cap kit. Don't want anyone seeing it until it looks its best. That being said, I did have to use the CRT_EMU driver on my AMD 5770 to get windows 10 to output to the monitor properly. It doesn't show any video during post, but I believe a firmware change can fix that. Still deciding if it is worth it or not as the boot time is fairly quick. Below is the wiring I had to do. Even though it is a VGA monitor it didn't have the DB15 connector or a standard VGA monitor power connector I took a standard computer power cord extender and cut off the male end (I think; the end that goes in the PSU) and wires pins to it then connected the male pins to the females on the monitor. For the VGA I bought a female DB15 connector and wired up the required wires to pins and then connected the male pins to the females on the monitor you can see that I added some hot glue so they wouldn't accidentally touch. I did this to the power connector as well. Now I have this:
  7. I installed my CRT arcade monitor today after using a LCD. I followed all the instructions I could find but I just cannot get Hyperspin or hyper HQ to launch. Is there some magic thing I need to do? I have reduced my modes to what I think is an acceptable number but it does nothing. I have read about the hyperspin issue but not hyper HQ. Not sure if anyone here can help but I thought I would ask.
  8. Work so far (updated 7/5/2017)

    I now have this to add to my build, just picked it up today. I hope I can getting working soon.
  9. Taito Type X key mapping

    Sorry for the delayed response (insert appropriate excuse here). I did a bunch of playing around over the weekend. I added the shortcut to the module directly, removed one of the 2&3's verified everything was set up properly. As of right now, everything is set back to the way it was before I tried added the TTX stuff, and it now seems to be working. I don't understand why it does this, it happened with Naomi as well, but I can now exit the games the way I do all other games. I also discovered why the screen rotate was happening. with Raiden IV, Gigawings, and Shikigami No Shiro III there is a program called irotate that gets launched when the game launches. I didn't realize this until I launched them outside of RL/HS. So with those 3 games I just changed the config to use buttons 4 and 5 rather than 1 and 2 (1 and 2 are control and alt so when I held them down together and used the joystick the screen would rotate and crash the game). Thanks for all the help; especially to Giga for making the guide. I have now decided to get some of the steam versions of these games and also a few other Shmups I saw (already bought a few) and add them to my HS build. Thanks for the suggestions. I am now off to work to research more things to add!
  10. Taito Type X key mapping

    Sorry I didn't say this earlier. I did play with the exit methods and none of them worked. I will test removing one of the "duplicate" entries. I had them both in there because demul was giving me issues originally and that was one of my troubleshooting methods.
  11. Taito Type X key mapping

    If I understood it properly Single means you are pressing the buttons once and double means you press them twice like a double click. I did not set it in the module itself just globally. It does with with Demul with no issues. I will add it to the module directly and see how it goes.
  12. Taito Type X key mapping

    With all the FadeTitles being correct and the exit emulator keys set. I should be able to press 3 and 2 to exit the game but that isn't working. Any other suggestions? I was going to look into getting an ultimate IO board (adding LEDS and what not) but that won't happen for a while. I know it will fix my issue because I can create a dedicated exit button. Until then though, I would really like to try and make my exiting option work.
  13. Taito Type X key mapping

    my FadeTitles are correct.
  14. Taito Type X key mapping

    alrighty, the wife came through for me and I was able to get these 2 screenshots for the exit key As for the fade title, I was unable to locate the spot until just now. I will go through your tutorial and make sure it is set properly because I think some are not.
  15. Taito Type X key mapping

    I want to say I remember doing that but I will check when I get home (unless I can talk the Mrs into turning on the machine so I can remote into it) So taking Raiden III as the example, I launched the typex_config.exe and run through configuring all the buttons. That works fine short of I still need to figure out what combo press is causing the screen to rotate (I think it is a windows or AMD GPU thing). When following your instructions I did notice a slight difference in the fade title spot (you had the older hyperlaunch I believe). The wife is going to power on my machine at lunch time for me so I can remote in. We will see what I can find and I will report back.