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  1. Yeah, and that's what HyperList was meant to be. Like most things around here, the few staff who had access to HL weren't doing any work on it themselves, wouldn't give access to those doing the work and couldn't even be bothered to update it when people produced updated lists. The last update I do remember from many years ago replaced lists with shittier ones because no vetting was done. The above things (among others) caused quality db contributors to walk away and you're left with the crap lists on HL. They're some of the many reasons I personally stopped posting my dbs here and why I just keep my db updates/new dbs to myself.
  2. Unless something has changed recently, hyperlist hasn't been maintained for 4 years or more. That's one of the reasons the last db team stopped.
  3. Just correcting misinformation that was in that "flow".
  4. HS doesn't even run out of the box on recent Win10 versions, that's the definition of broken. Then there's things like Joystick support which are also broken. Workarounds for some things do exist but you end up with 20 different hacked together and often clumsy solutions and it's still missing a ton of basic and QoL features. Not to mention a good bit of those workarounds are themselves broken and not supported.
  5. I check the forum every so often in the off-chance there's some quality art popping up (which has also dried up). If there's a post in the sidebar about HS updates I post a realistic response so anyone on the fence about switching frontends doesn't get strung along with a "they're working on a new HS" that will likely never drop.
  6. I'll save you some time. No HS dev will ever respond to your post or any other (as is tradition for the past decade). Many devs offered to help over the years and were rejected. Source code means nothing because HS is so fundamentally broken and lacking it needs a complete rewrite. So any software engineer worth their salt realizes that and would just roll their own frontend. HS has been dead for a decade. Nothing will resurrect it and the community it once had is long gone. It's dead software. Move On.
  7. Yup, difference being I have posted plenty of updates over the years. Plus RL modules are open so anyone can work on it, unlike HS. Thanks for creating an alt/new account just to respond tho.
  8. Here's the fix, go to your HS directory and Shift + Delete it. HS has been broken for years and the devs have done nothing about it. The only "fix" is to download a Win system dll from a random person on the net. Choose a different frontend, HS is dead and will not be updated. Not only will the new frontend work without compromising your OS but you won't have to deal with the mile long list of problems and things HS can't do.
  9. No. The devs will claim it's still being worked on but we haven't seen a worthwhile update for a decade. If you want something from HS it's not gonna happen so you should check out other frontends.
  10. This is not the correct way to solve the issue. You should update your module to the one found here. Legacy mode should only be used for extremely old MAME versions otherwise it cuts out options. Setting hlsl/glsl in the module settings as suggested literally does nothing when legacy mode is enabled. You could set those to anything and it would have the same effect since those params aren't sent via CLI when legacy mode is enabled (because they didn't exist). While dark had good intentions, this is a prime example of why you should ask questions regarding anything involving launching or RL features to rlauncher.com so you receive proper information and any issues can be fixed. Otherwise they'll get drowned out and missed here.
  11. Apologies for drudging up the same old stuff, even though I never really post about it for the same reason. Good luck with HS 2.0, those who have been faithfully waiting all these years deserve it. This will prob be my last post/visit.
  12. It's not unbelievable at all, that's what happens when you promise something for years and years but don't deliver anything. That's why good people leave the community.
  13. While Styph's post is pretty pointless, it's to be expected. Granted, since a new version is *apparently* in dev it doesn't make any sense to dedicate dev time to the current version and having to deal with bug fixing new stuff and support. The animated wheels was probably relatively trivial to implement (insert a conditional to detect an swf wheel file and allow it to animate like all of the other elements) assuming that it wasn't already laying around in a build that wasn't released. At the same time, 2.0 has been teased for about a decade now with nothing to show for it. I can think of at least 3 or 4 release dates given to me by 3 admins in the past 2 years alone all amounting to nothing. It was evident to me about 4 years ago a new release wasn't coming any time soon which is why I switched frontends, and with each day that nothing useful is done here I'm happier with that decision. Any criticism of the lack of releases is mildly annoying but all of the fruitless "it's coming", "soon", and release dates that admins spout I personally find more annoying, and that's the fault of dev(s) and admins for teasing it for so long with no follow through. It's a prime example of the boy who cried wolf, frontend edition. That's why as ppl may have noticed, I barely visit or contribute here anymore. It's the same 5 support questions that have been asked and answered dozens of times before because nothing changes, meaningless posts about 2.0, and the quality art/db scene is virtually non-existent. Not to mention the frequent site downtimes with no explanations and general lack of maintenance in pretty much all areas of the site/forum.
  14. You're just pointing to the folder, not the exe. It should be E:\Shared\HyperSpin\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe
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