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  1. adamg

    New to HyperSpin

    But in case you do not watch his video; it can be set to either in HyperHQ. There are settings for which games are shown based on roms, artwork, and a few other settings. You will need to change these settings per system but it does not take long. In addition to the above, you can easily edit the xml files to only display the games you want. In order to do that navigate to the database folder and open the system you want to edit. Remove all games that you do not want. Make sure to remove the entire section for the games you are removing. See below for a sample of the entire bit you will need to remove: Each game starts will game name and ends with game so make sure to remove that entire section.
  2. Well man to be clear, your pc IS fast enough. You are experiencing minor slow downs on the first game you launch after rebooting... A 20 second slowdown one time each boot isn't a big enough deal to upgrade any of the components imo.
  3. Well I must say, that site is pretty amazing and that media is superb.
  4. Please do not let your disappointment deter you from being an active HyperSpin user. HyperSpin 2.0 has been "releasing soon" for 10 years now. Hyperbase was cool to see implemented but should not be used for getting your hopes up. Make the best of what you have now and hopefully IF they ever release 2.0 they keep everything pretty similar so that we can just migrate our setups to the new software. Do not let waiting on 2.0 keep you from using HyperSpin as is.
  5. Premium membership only offers a small additional portion of the forum and access to hypersync. Am I missing anything else? If not it seems like they are making their money off the backs of the content creators. Is this not the same problem we have with drive sellers?
  6. The Difference though is that Jason does that for a living. That is his job. Most of the stuff developed here are by people who do it in free time and if they are anything like me, free time is few and far between and then even when I have it, long standing projects are pushed because the spin up time isn't worth the hassle knowing how little time I do have. If HyperSpin had a Patreon though, maybe devs could be more inclined.
  7. That is pretty interesting honosuseri, will remember that one but I do not often field android questions. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. More often than not, when fixing setups I have found that this was a result of wheel art as cataclysm said. Never seen a theme issue but I am sure it would result in the same.
  9. The wording was a little unclear so I am not sure if you want to get away from windows or don't like attract mode because it isn't Windows. Either way, Attract Mode has a Windows App as well.
  10. A Non-Merged has everything to run a game in every zip file. So it duplicates everything for every game thus making it the easiest to use as you will never need bios files or anything else. Generally a Non-Merged set should work. It also has the largest file size. A Merged set has all games and clones in one zip file. This is the smallest file size available for MAME. If you take a single rom from a merged set it should still work if you transfer the zip file to separate system as the parent roms and clones are all in the same zip file. A Split set separates the parent and clone data where the main zip file will have the main rom and the clones will only have what makes them different. This is middle of the road and in my opinion the best to use. A split set allows one to download an update pack and just drop it into the MAME directory and does not require ClrMAMEpro to change anything. I still check mine but that is because I am neurotic. Between Split and Non-Merged is like 10 gb in difference.
  11. Please don't take offense Frost, I just am being real in regards to stalling plans for updates. It is better to do what you want with what we have than to wait. When the beta came out it was awesome but at this point better to finish projects than wait.
  12. Treat it as if you had never heard of any type of update for HyperSpin. Think of it as a dead project. Do not wait for any news or updates. Either work with what you have or move on to actively developed front ends. I say this as an avid HS user who has too many work arounds to mention running on his machine. If they update, which again the assumption should be that they have no plans to, then great but I feel like I have wasted so much time waiting and could have put my efforts towards a more progressive front end by now and been much better off. So again, there are no update, there are no plans for updates, and HyperSpin is dead. Or least maybe we need to look at it that way.
  13. I am a windows 10 user unfortunately but here you go: https://www.cambiaresearch.com/articles/15/javascript-char-codes-key-codes
  14. Here is what mine is setup as if it helps: [P1 Controls] Start=49 Exit=51 Up=38 Down=40 SkipUp=37 SkipDown=39 SkipUpNumber=67 SkipDownNumber=53 HyperSpin=17 Genre=16 Favorites=90
  15. You and I play games much differently then. Those are the best games to play with a group.
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