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  1. sucramjd

    Looking at Building Custom Aimtrak Wheel for myself

    how the bejeezus do you get demul to load the games? I cannot figure it out for the life of me, have my system called light gun games and I get the error message light gun games is not supported by this module, help i'm going crazy. found this on the rlauncher forum still don't understand what he means by associate, You're not associating a system identifier with the "Cave Hyperbase 1" system on the mType line so that screws up all the system/identifier pairs. can someone explain please
  2. Can this be used with the latest demul? coz I cant get it to work, I assumed you just renamed the ini to Demul (v7.0) but it dosent work anyone have any luck doing this if so how?
  3. sucramjd

    The CoffeeCade

    Superb mate looks very well made
  4. Version 20150708


    Mario Kart Double Dash
  5. sucramjd

    Multicade (Vewlix style) Cabinet Project

    wow I missed this build, but wow that is awesome dude, make your wife appreciate all the hard work you've put in its beautiful
  6. sucramjd

    Custom Street Fighter cabinet

    did you use the wrong router bit? t moulding is tricky to get right, use some hot glue that stuff works very well so I'm told, god I'm itching to redo my cab, but my house needs sorting out first, cab looks great matey
  7. Version 20141112


    Cloak & Dagger (rev 5) - cloak (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  8. sucramjd

    Every cab needs one of these :)

    A Japanese singer you say, naked big breasted one yes please (looks around yes the spawn of satan is in bed)=the other half (TIM) muwahahaha:)
  9. sucramjd

    Every cab needs one of these :)

    Ok I thought this would have you laughing like it did me, now Tim thinks I like men instead lol, here's a great one instead
  10. sucramjd

    Every cab needs one of these :)

    No I want him singing along to all my arcade themes he's fuging awesome, and he really likes what he's doing by the looks of it
  11. sucramjd

    Every cab needs one of these :)

    I think he's great with his own crazy lyrics, I want one. look after ya tyres baby
  12. like I said I couldn't help myself just built a driving cab for the experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZk-Ar6a6w
  13. have you looked here?http://www.ultimarc.com/winipac_ipd.html Basicaly you design you panel layout then save it, then you can program your buttons, try to translate the page to your native language might make more sense than my english. But if you have no luck i will have a look into it tomorrow evening
  14. I havn't used this program in a long time think you need to press the program button bottom right then when you've changed them hit the save button like i said its been a long time, i'll look into it for you tomorrow i'll have a look on my cab.
  15. no it just remapps your ipac to what ever you want, i remeber now when i set mine up over two years ago one of the button presses minimised the screen so i changed all my keys i have player 1, 1 start, 5 coin, up up arrow, down down arrow, left left arrow, right right arrow, button 1-6 abcdef player 2 was up g, down h, left i, right j, button 1-6 klmnoq so you can basicaly change them to whatever you want.