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  1. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Yeah I am now you’ve said that. I think from memory I removed it as I had an issue a while back where it was freezing on exit so I found a thread on here which gives you the exit script to modify in rocketlauncher and that stopped it. But it looks like I never set the exit key back up
  2. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Just wondering wondering... does everyone set the emulator exit key in rocket launcher? If so which key? just noticed mine wasn’t set to anything. I’ve set it to ESC and let it run for hours, then started loads of games up and exiting them one after the other, moved the menu around a lot and can’t get it to lock up so wondering if rocketlauncher wasn’t exited correctly and was causing some sort of conflict and making hyperspin controls lock up? As it seems to happen after exiting games
  3. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Dam, that’s a shame. Was hoping this would cure it. Must be another way... Is this a bug with hyperspin itself? Wondered if it was maybe a rocket launcher issue. I know you can turn hyperlaunch off in hyperhq. Or is that something completely different. Is hyperspin kept open in the background when a game is running and not shut down and restarted every time? Just clutching at straws here I guess
  4. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Can I install this and basically leave hyperspin as it is? I only have 1 wheel as I’m only using mame ive followed the option 3 written tutorial... ive gone down as far as “create a subwheel”. Haven’t gone any further as I don’t want any subwheel or anything, just one wheel with mame which I’ve done and named it Arcade... started up Hyper HQ and it’s there in the drop down menu Will this be running now? I’ve notice the games startup and shutdown much faster
  5. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Haven’t tried it yet. Just reading the tutorial. Bit confused at minute... what mode do I need to run it in to hopefully sort this problem?
  6. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Yep... still does it after a few of hours. Did it once as usual over a 12 hour running period. Will look at the menu changer option
  7. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    It didn’t the first time as I’d just removed the skip numbers but mine froze again so I removed also the skip up/down now I can only rotate the wheel up and down as usual and not skip letters as it seems to lock up when scrolling the wheel up or down and pressing left or right at the same time. Ive tried moving the wheel again vigorously up/down entering and exiting from games really quick and it doesn’t seem to lock up now so it looks like it’s cured it which I’m ok with. I’ve got the wheel moving quite fast so it doesn’t take long to scroll through all the games anyway. The only controls I’ve got set now on hyper hq are rotate wheel up/down, enter, exit etc. I’ll keep my eye on it.
  8. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Ok so annoyingly mine did it again! Ffs. So ive now removed the skip up skip down keys altogether and this seems to have cured it but I’ll test some more. Only thing is I can’t now skip through the wheel A-Z but that doesn’t bother me. I’ll report back if it does it again or I know for sure it’s cured it. Pretty sure it has...
  9. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

  10. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Wonder how I could merge the two weeks into 1? Someone mentioned an app a while back but I can’t remember what it is? It’s one that searches all systems when you type for a specific game etc but I looked at the tutorial video and it looked complicated..... I’ll remember in a min what it was 🤔
  11. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Just click “set” you’ll then get the red txt “press a key” then close HyperHQ. Open it again and the box will be cleared. Then do the same again to clear the other one...
  12. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Nice one jevansoh 👍 ill give that a try. Just out of curiosity...I’ve got just mame but was thinking about putting model 2 on my system too, with this could I make 1 wheel that has both mame and model 2 games on it? Didn’t really want two separate menus as there’s only about 3 or 4 model 2 games I want on there
  13. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    Also... if anyone is using LED blinky and you have the problem I mentioned about where the LEDs stay in “game mode” after exiting back to the hyperspin menu until you move the joystick, do the following.... turn on the “speak game controls” option where led blinky flashes each button when the game starts and speaks the control for each button.... also make sure that “game start delay” is set to say 8-10 seconds. Doing this stops led blinky going nuts and flashing the game start lights sequence over and over again when some muppet has decided to press the start button 20 times as they’re too impatient to wait for the game to load. Works a treat 👍
  14. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    SORTED (I think lol) Clear out the following controls in HyperHQ.... see pic I started hyperspin and just as Rowr14 has said, I started pressing up/down/left/right on the keyboard just randomly and immediately it locked up! I cleared out the following controls, from controls menu in HyperHQ and I’ve been sat for a good 5mins going nuts on the arrow keys in every direction and it hasn’t locked up once! The wheel was going bonkers but never locked up once. Try it...... (just to add I had to click “set” and then exit HyperHQ to clear the box out, then start it back up and do it again.... unless there’s an easier way? ESC or delete doesn’t seem to do anything)
  15. Keyboard and Joystick randomly become unresponsive

    I’ve left my system running for more than 20 hours or so in attract mode and it doesn’t do it. Its mainly when someone’s actually playing, entering and exiting in and out of games a lot when it does it. And that’s normally only after a few hours. At first i thought it was an exit problem as it normally does it right after you’ve exited a game. I’ve also noticed that I’ve not got exit emulator key in rocket launcher set to anything, as before when it was set to ESC same as hyper hq and mame it would freeze on exit. I also thought it could be something to do with led blinky as nearly every time you exit a game and go back to hyperspin led blinky stays in “game mode” until you move the joystick then it changes to “menu mode” as though it’s causing it to loose focus. I’ve changed the settings in led blinky now so it immediately goes to “menu mode” when you exit a game so I’ll see if that makes any difference. Can you post the link to the thread where you talk about main menu changer and maybe the link to the download? Only thing I don’t wanna do is is mess the system up so it’s worse than it is now. Thanks. 👍