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  1. I think the files were moved to the download section
  2. This is exactly the problem I had! Its nothing to do with firewalls, antivirus, trackball settings in hyper hq (as these don’t work anyway) or anything else... it’s a rocket launcher issue. You need to make sure you have suspend frontend in rocket launcher set to FALSE. But, this then introduces more problems such as the front end sounds playing in the background after you have launched a game. Look at my other threads on this as I found a solution to stop this.... So, turn “suspend frontend” to FALSE then follow this link to do the following fix....
  3. Any idea if there’s a limit on file size for videos or artwork? I’m still getting this problem. I’ve switched off all the artwork checkboxes in hyper hq to minimise what’s on screen
  4. I’ve turned off “reload background” as it seems to make it worse
  5. I’ll try it. Not sure what I’m gonna change them too though
  6. I don’t think my problem is the keyboard encoder as when it freezes it just stays on the current game on the wheel. The video keeps looping over and over instead of playing the video in full then spinning the wheel and landing on another game it just stays on that one. Moving player 1 joystick or pressing any buttons to start game or change genre doesn’t do anything. Weird...
  7. Thanks mate. I’ve looked and I’d not got “reload background” checked. Turned it on and it still does it... was hoping that would fix it. I also use an ipac so I don’t use joy to key. Wonder what else it could be?
  8. ...I’ve checked the wheel images and they all look the same size too
  9. I’m still getting the menu freezing problem! Really annoying. I’ve checked the demo video files and they all pretty much look the same size. Anything else I ought to be looking at? I can’t really seee a particular pattern to when it does it and its always someone else playing it when it does it and never seems to be on the same game Ive known it go 12hours or more without a problem, then so themes two hours and it freezes on a game on the wheel. No idea.
  10. Ok so been testing this... seems to be working as I’ve had it running for hours, entered in and out of games and can’t get controls to lock up. But however, as now the “suspend front end” is switched off, if you move the joystick after pressing the launch game button (enter) the game wheel video sounds from the hyperspin menu can still be heard while the game is playing. This is a known issue, not sure if you know about it but switching on the “suspend front end” stops this... but then you get the controls freezing problem lol. Someone on the thread for the wheel sound problem (I’ll post link to thread below) came up with an idea that he says works... he said to set a macro for the game launch button (start button on mine) for 2 seconds. This makes the computer ignore other inputs as it’s receiving a “enter button” press for 2 seconds which stops this from happening. However, I’ve no idea about macros. Looking in hyper hq and rlui and I’ve no idea how to set this up..... anynone got any suggestions?
  11. Also, personally I think RL causes no end of problems. Is there a way of not using it?
  12. I’ll try this now! So I go into RLUI and set these two to false... ill take a look and report back. I’m using one system and that’s mame. What do you have as you exit key? I’m using ESC
  13. STILL messing with this as there’s no pattern to it as it seems to freeze randomly. Checked all the artwork files and themes to try and see if there’s any dodgy files in there as gigapig suggested on another post it could be either a bad video clip, artwork file or something that’s causing it but only found 1 video clip that wasn’t mp4 so deleted it and a theme that was huge compared to the rest (can’t remeber which game it was, just sorted them into size order and it came up) so delete that but so far hasn’t seemed to make any difference. I can’t even make the lockup happen when I want to, It happens when other people are playing so I’ve no idea if they’re pressing multiple buttons that may cause it but I’ve tried banging all the buttons randomly when starting a game, scrolling the menu and exiting... and I can’t get it to do it. I’ve disabled some of the background in hyper hq and disabled the game wheel sounds too... hasn’t really made a difference. Wondered if there was just too much artwork and sound going off at once in the menu for the pc to handle. Wondered about disabling RL but not sure how you do this?
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