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  1. Any idea if there’s a limit on file size for videos or artwork? I’m still getting this problem. I’ve switched off all the artwork checkboxes in hyper hq to minimise what’s on screen
  2. I’ve turned off “reload background” as it seems to make it worse
  3. I’ll try it. Not sure what I’m gonna change them too though
  4. I don’t think my problem is the keyboard encoder as when it freezes it just stays on the current game on the wheel. The video keeps looping over and over instead of playing the video in full then spinning the wheel and landing on another game it just stays on that one. Moving player 1 joystick or pressing any buttons to start game or change genre doesn’t do anything. Weird...
  5. Thanks mate. I’ve looked and I’d not got “reload background” checked. Turned it on and it still does it... was hoping that would fix it. I also use an ipac so I don’t use joy to key. Wonder what else it could be?
  6. ...I’ve checked the wheel images and they all look the same size too
  7. I’m still getting the menu freezing problem! Really annoying. I’ve checked the demo video files and they all pretty much look the same size. Anything else I ought to be looking at? I can’t really seee a particular pattern to when it does it and its always someone else playing it when it does it and never seems to be on the same game Ive known it go 12hours or more without a problem, then so themes two hours and it freezes on a game on the wheel. No idea.
  8. This is the thread about it... http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/30795-keyboard-and-joystick-randomly-become-unresponsive/
  9. No idea but it’s a pain in the arse!! There’s a thread on here about it somewhere. Someone said they thought it was a memory leak? Or am I one of only a few with this problem? I only have just 1 wheel for mame nothing else, someone mentioned using main menu changer app that refreshes the wheels but apparently it wouldn’t work for me as I’m only using the 1 wheel. I’ll try and find the thread. Wish I could get this fixed cos I play for an hour or two then have to restart the pc.
  10. Anyone know if there will ever be an update to sort the hyperspin menu freezing problem? Where the controls just become unresponsive and it stays on the same game on the menu. Driving me nuts. Sick of having to restart the system!
  11. Does anyone know if it’s worth me updating? I’m using win7 and no intension of using win10, my pc is barebones, nothing else installed other than hyperspin and mame, no anti virus, no defender, nothing. Everything’s switched off that doesn’t need to be running and it’s really good.... apart from hyperspin menu freezing after a few hours and despite trying everything other than turning off attract mode (will try this later) I can’t get rid of this problem, also the player 1 joystick becomes erratic too. If the new version isn’t going to solve this is it worth me updating?
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