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  1. ALIENS Themed Cab

    Wow, Very Impressive and Very Good Looking, Want to Build my Own Standing Arcade Like What you Built, Using A Top Down Arcade/ Cocktail Arcade machine (don't Know Exact Name, Just Google "top down arcade machine" if you don't understand me). Keep Up the Good Work !!!!!
  2. Zelda Hyperspin Intro

    Very Cool, Could Be Longer but i Really Like the Idea.
  3. Back, Sorry For Being Offline For So Long!

  4. Is Windows 10 Good for HyperSpin?

    I have Win 10 on another computer and run lots of games,have never had problems with that but have had problems with missing .dlls
  5. Is Windows 10 Good for HyperSpin?

    What do you mean by hide Windows 10?
  6. Is Windows 10 Good for HyperSpin?

    Cool, thanks for telling me what it is.
  7. Is Windows 10 Good for HyperSpin?

    Whats HyperSpeech? I am New to Hyperspin.
  8. Cannot Find Rom ... With Any Provided Extension??

    Ok I mentioned that i got the roms to launch from HyperSpin but when i do so it shows just a black screen, i can tell i am in the emulator because when i press a button (cant remember which one) is sets the region, anything i am doing wrong?
  9. Cannot Find Rom ... With Any Provided Extension??

    Any Anwsers? I took a look and still looks like Nothings Wrong.
  10. Cannot Find Rom ... With Any Provided Extension??

    Fusion (Previously Kega) Emulator, For Sega Genesis.
  11. Cannot Find Rom ... With Any Provided Extension??

    Ok, I Fixed the issue but Now when I Launch the Game the screen goes Black, I can tell I am in the Emulator because when i press F1 it changes the Country of the Console. Anything I am doing wrong? Also, i am having problems with Hyperspin being to slow, I have a moderately fast computer so, its not the computer. Any options to speed up Hyperspin? Thanks
  12. Cannot Find Rom ... With Any Provided Extension??

    Yah I did all this, Its been Puzzling me for a while. I Am going to take a Second look at it and see if i can find the problem, Thanks all for helping. Will keep you updated. Thanks Everyone.
  13. Hi, I am setting Up my Sega Genesis on my HyperSpin and i ran into a Problem " Cannot Find Rom- D:\HyperSpin\Roms\Sega Genesis\3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA) with any provided extension" i Check the .xml and Rom name and they matched and I even launched the game from RocketLauncher and it Launched Just Fine, Any suggestions?
  14. Hyperspin Forum Titles

    Hi, is there a list of the meaning of each title?