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  1. stucazzo

  2. RetroArch 1.2, New GUI, Improved Cores

    Thanks for the update!
  3. xpadder setups for computer based systems

    I tried with little success, it's hard setting it up and playing using two devices. I'm hoping that there is a way to use a Xbox 360 Chatpad with xpadder or a script to work with computer based systems? I don't have a Chatpad to test it, but as anyone else tried it? Thanks STU
  4. Hyperspin HD size guide!

    Wow again... I only colect USA / NTSC titles.
  5. Hyperspin HD size guide!

    Wow... i have a oracle 4 bay hard drives enclosure and each drive is 4TB total of 16tb in a no raid setup and i have a backup of the system too. hat off to you man...
  6. Nintendo BS-X Satellaview MAIN MENU VIDEO

    Thanks for your hard work! The emulator that I'm using is zsnesw-v1.51 and it works fine for me, i just updated the ZSNESw.ahk by adding the following: MSystem = "Super Nintendo Entertainment System",Nintendo Satellaview",Nintendo BS-X Satellaview" Also which name is right for this system? In the folder "hyperlaunchhq\media\icons", the name is Nintendo Satellaview not Nintendo BS-X Satellaview.
  7. Copying files over to another hard drive.

    I use WinMerge to make sure my backup's are a perfect clone of my Media Center system and i use old school Ctrl A, Ctrl C then Ctrl X too. Acronis to create an OS image backup.
  8. gigapig promoted to forum moderator

    congratulations! Thanks for all those great videos.