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  1. Nice one Honosuseri, I do have those dat files and placed them in the game folders (lure) but not luck, is there a special place I need to place them? Greetings
  2. you have to ake sure that the Scummvm.ini in the org.retroarch/data/files/system folder points to the drive that containes the games. Else it's impossible to add the scummvm gamen into the retroarch scummvm core. But I found out that I still have issues with some games who need dat files like Kyra and Lure maybe that someone has a solve for that.
  3. Thanks Honosuseri and thatman84, I already came alot futher and the first games started loading from within hyperspin, thanks alot
  4. This is my ini file: rompath=Roms/scummvm/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=scummvm parameters=cores/scummvm_libretro_Android.so searchsubfolders=false pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true And this is a example of how my XML looks like: <game name="Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis/Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" All the .scummvm files are in the roms folders
  5. Hi all, I have the game working from inside retroarch but when launching them from Hyperspin it's a no go. I did edit the xml with the extra / but still no go. I also have the .scummvm files in my rom folder but when I start a game from inside Hyperspin it's just flashes and back to HS. Any ideas? Greetings Ron
  6. Please help requested, I can't get GBA games from inside Hypespin to link to my gba.emu emulator my settings in the ini file are: exe=com.explusalpha.GbaEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity romextension=gba parameters= In hyperspin when selecting a game I get this : attempting to load invalid emulator(s) I checked my root and the emulator is there com.explusalpha.GbaEmu Any idea why it doesn't work? Greetings.
  7. Hi all, Just starting with Hyperspin on my Nvidia Shield TV and for now it goes pretty well but.......when I start a Sony Playstation game from the wheel it's not starting from there, it always goes to ePSXe menu first and from there I have to go to the map of my roms and run it from there. Is this the only way possible or am I doing something wrong here. Some info from my sony playstation.ino from /settings [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Sony Playstation\ rompath=Emulators/Sony Playstation/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.epsxe.ePSXe/com.epsxe.ePSXe.ePSXe romextension=bin,iso parameters= searchsubfolders= pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true Per_Game_Modules=false Skipchecks=false Greetings Ron
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