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  1. Basic Pin-cab tutorial.

    Hey Guys. I'll see if I can find another place to upload it to. I am also building a new 3 screen cabinet, and plan on posting a new tutorial on that one sometime very soon.
  2. do you have that golden tee download playing with a trackball? i want to set my buttons and use a trackball....im having trouble to find out how.

  3. Nice work here guys. Looking forward to checking out the pause feature.
  4. I think that anything after 182.50 will not save your DMD position? Not sure with Windows7. 182.50 should work with FP just fine, not sure why it isn't for you.
  5. Those F11 numbers make no sense to me either.
  6. You shouldn't need to save the table.
  7. Hi Rawd,

    I don´t know about the law of do it...

    I try out Popotte Pinbball "Rocket III" there was a ArcadeVersion too.

    I think this must be for all tables for FP then I want to use it in arcade mode.

    On the down side you can´t see the flippers, you cant see the same as in normal mode.

    I´m not very happy with this, then I try out weeks ago to make it possible.

    Again - I don´t know about the law to do it... because I´m not the table author - and don´t want trouble... make it only for me, but I would give it to the author...

    I have see your video with the triple strike from williams in original and your pincade - there was it again - I can´t see the "BONUS" in your pincade.

    I have change some things on this side of the table, no I can see the "BONUS", I can´t see all as in normal mode, but it feels better now.

    Do you want to test it? Greywolf is the table author - don´t know about the user have a cabinett. From you is the RAW-image and some other things, from you I know you have a cabinett or more :)

    When you want test it, I would send it to you in a e-mail.

    My adress is [email protected]

    Good night to you

  8. Koolbrez67's Cab Project

    Love the steering wheels as well! Those must be awesome for Sprint and pole position, but you should make some sort of analog pedals? You just use the buttons for now? Very nice looking cab, excellent work man.
  9. Hello, Iceman! I come from Canada! I would like a nice evening, and also a nice morning! Rod.

  10. Mini-Pin X Build

    Yes. This is how pinball legs are. They are bent outwards for better stabilization on the ground.
  11. Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)

    Thank you Strangeleo!
  12. Mini-Pin X Build

    Looking really good man. I had a couple of small paint runs as well, but I used oil based paint, so I was able to use a solvent to remove the paint. On my glass I used a razor blade, but I wouldn't recommend that on plexi. It looks like you were able to center the monitor now? Router? Cut bezel? Edit: 26 tables! You have lots of software work to do. I just deleted a bunch of my tables to bring me back to 230.
  13. 46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    This is really cool. I had always assumed that the change would be global. I didn't realize that it saves per table! Excellent!
  14. Mini-Pin X Build

    This picture: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=4260&d=1260544322 Your wood at the back does not meet at 90 degrees.. you have the back 'inset'. The brackets will go fine on the inside but how can you drill a hole at a 45 degree angle through that? How will your legs be flush to the back on the outside? My artwork survived ok. I used a blade to cut the artwork a little bit, so that it didn't crumple too much and flattened it out. I'm not sure where to buy the inserts.. I just rememeber reading about them somewhere, sorry.