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  1. do you have that golden tee download playing with a trackball? i want to set my buttons and use a trackball....im having trouble to find out how.

  2. Nice work here guys. Looking forward to checking out the pause feature.
  3. Hi Rawd,

    I don´t know about the law of do it...

    I try out Popotte Pinbball "Rocket III" there was a ArcadeVersion too.

    I think this must be for all tables for FP then I want to use it in arcade mode.

    On the down side you can´t see the flippers, you cant see the same as in normal mode.

    I´m not very happy with this, then I try out weeks ago to make it possible.

    Again - I don´t know about the law to do it... because I´m not the table author - and don´t want trouble... make it only for me, but I would give it to the author...

    I have see your video with the triple strike from williams in original and your pincade - there was it again - I can´t see the "BONUS" in your pincade.

    I have change some things on this side of the table, no I can see the "BONUS", I can´t see all as in normal mode, but it feels better now.

    Do you want to test it? Greywolf is the table author - don´t know about the user have a cabinett. From you is the RAW-image and some other things, from you I know you have a cabinett or more :)

    When you want test it, I would send it to you in a e-mail.

    My adress is villigage2@yahoo.de

    Good night to you

  4. Hello, Iceman! I come from Canada! I would like a nice evening, and also a nice morning! Rod.

  5. Very nice organised website with lots of info.
  6. I am pretty sure that there are a few others here with cabinets, but I could not find their threads ??? (Studmuff, Lonnies, svtboy, ktbeasly).
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