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  1. Bandai pippin

    Is anybody working with this system? I have several roms from PD but dont know how to make it run and also none media for this system. I want to have this system on my setup and if nothing is available, I will try to work by myself on module, DB and media. Is anybody else intersted on this system?
  2. Hyperspin HD size guide!

    DR9, I am truly impressed now. I am working on my setup for 7 months. I have about 3.5TR and 139 different systems (custom). My target was to have fullsets of old systems and good roms for disk systems but with database with only what is good. I was expecting that 8TR would be a good size but 32TR, this was unthinkable. Now I have to rethink everything again and start "negotiating" with my wife to buy such storage some time.