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  1. Hi have downloaded and used your script . Thank you for doing this. I am trying to stop using Joytokey since it is causiong me problems. I can't get my jopysticks to work with your script . Can you help ? I have two U360's. In Mame they are Joystick 2 and Joystick 3 . 

    HyperSpin Startup Script.txt

  2. Here is a video of what happens in HS. My controls are disabled in HyperHQ . My Joysticks are U360’s . 9B4F1005-06F7-4486-93DA-A3E59A97429A.MOV Here is a link to the video
  3. When I scroll through games on MAME , or i think any other wheel , it selects a game when I am just trying to scroll through the wheel. I use HS 1.4 , The lates Rlauncher , and I use the latest Joy2Key to control my joystick in HS. Any ideas why this is happening? and how to fix? it is really a problem . Thanks
  4. Wheel , emulator animations

    While I am scrolling through the themes on wheels Is there a way to delay the game animation flying in with the movie? I just want to scroll throught the wheel names and not have the animation fly in until much later. How do I do that? Thanks
  5. Delaying game animations

    If I want to delay the game animations when I select a game , how do I do that ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Man I can't wait for 1.0 looking forward to this . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. scoodidabop, Can you send me a mame.ini from groovymame so that I can use to get my two monitors to work right? I am having trouble getting this to work properly with HM and EDS using groovymame. Thanks
  8. I am running Hyperspin 1.4 , Windows 7 , and I have a 27 inch Tri-Sync Arcade Monitor. I am having trouble getting Hyperspin and Groovymame to working properly in Hyperspin. When I run Groobymame outside of Hyperpsin resolutions that were created using vmmaker work properly, But when I run Hyperspin , the resolutions don't change it stays at 640X480 , I am using Hyperlaunch for MAME. What I don't see when I am running GroovyMame in Hyperpsin is the Switch res down at the bottom of Game Information so , I am stuck . Does the Mame.XML and Mame.ini created by vmmaker need to be placed inside Databases in Hyperspin? Im stuck. My Hyperspin was not pointing to GroovyMame it was pointing to my other version of Mame in Hyperspin only, That is what was so confusing , it worked in GroovyMame outside of Hyperspin , and it worked in rlauncher as well. Wheew , This was a such a problem for me now it Works!
  9. Well, I just donwloaded the Mame database that is No_Mahjong, no_casino,no_mature, and then I copied that to the Hypersonic/Databases/MAME and that saved me about 8 hours . Awesome!
  10. Ok, Well I just found an mame xml, that has the games I want , Next silly question where do I place this xml ? Thanks
  11. So I got my Mame Wheel looking good with the proper movies and artwork, and It is looking Great! I used HyperHQ to use Parents only on my wheel. So now I have been just moving roms out of the specified path so I can have Just the games I want , Specifically , no Casino, or Mhajong , etc. This took all day , and I am only at the letter G. Is this the beat way to do this ? Thanks
  12. How Do I remove Mame rom Copies from Hyperspin?

    I think I got it . Thanks for the help. I had no idea what that program did. Cool .
  13. How Do I remove Mame rom Copies from Hyperspin?

    I found , under Wheel Settings/ Navigation/Themes Clones Use Parent Vids and Clones Use Parents themes but no Parents only.