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  1. Hi R0man0. I’m having troubles with the XML generator for some reason what ever I do the folder where the XML are saved is always empty after I hit go (of course wait 15-20 minutes for it to finish). I’ve tried over 10 iMessage and I get the same results. I’m using Windows 10 pro with mame 0.202 from mamedev.org.


    1. r0man0


      Hi , sometimes this happens , two tips to solve this issue

      #1 running this app in admin mode

      #2 save the ouput directory into same folder as Mame full list generator app

      #3 good Luck

      Edit : on your screenshot you don't have checked Mame XML folder maybe that could be necessary for list génération.


  2. beavis


  3. Hey Donnei1979 thanks for the friend invite. Love you artwork. My favorite is the system theme for Mame.

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