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  1. ColecoVision - 2D Box Pack

    Here is my complete colecovision box art set, it consists of the full no-intro series most current as of June 2010, it includes box art for every game except demos and alternate dumps. This totals at 157 games/roms. Also included is 14 select games from the goodset and tosec sets, they are the more memorable and better functioning ones, as most of the ones in those sets that do not appear in no-intro are junk and alt.dumps.
    I have managed to compile an original cover for EVERY game that I believe a cover was ever originally created for. About half a dozen games that were protos and such I believe never had boxes printed and for those I have created ones using any available original art. If you happen to have other art for these please let me know.
    Thanks and enjoy-please obtain persmission from me if you wish to use these in a seperate project of your own.



  2. Colecovision 3D Boxart

    Added to HyperBase on 8/12/2016 - Circo
    Box art images for the Colecovision system in 3D variety. 199 images in total, some alternates and some games not included in the database. Colecovision database needs updating badly, but all boxes from the current database are there. Enjoy.



  3. Colecovision 2D Boxart

    Box art collection for the colecovision in 2D format (with spines). 199 images total. Some alternates, some boxes not included in the current database.



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