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  1. Thanks! <gets out the broom and sets to work swatting spammers with it>
  2. I still use HyperSpin for my arcade cabinets, if that helps!
  3. After all these years, I still think HyperSpin is the ultimate in an arcade cabinet. Here's my latest project. I managed to find this gem for a mere $250 - working even! Don't worry, preservationists - my conversion is 100% reversible back to stock. I've even stashed the original CRT monitor away somewhere safe and dry for safekeeping. A few fun parts of the project to note: The CRT in it is actually a 27" Toshiba TV I got for free off Craigslist. Fun fact: the tube and mounting points are identical to the arcade original monitor. It slotted right into the frame and slid right into the cabinet. Also, the Toshiba has power-on sensing, so when I turn the cabinet on, the monitor turns itself on too! The video connection from the PC is VGA-to-Svideo, via this great adapter board, at 640x480. I was concerned about lag, but I haven't noticed any at all. Score! The stealth button bar above the control panel is actually a table leg cut to length and sprayed black! I needed a place to put the insert-coin buttons, and the little ledge below the monitor was the perfect spot. I picked up some tiny pushbuttons to match each player's color, and added a black button in the middle to escape back to the HyperSpin menu. The 25c slots in the coin door work for player 1 and 2 also. The marquee light didn't work no matter what I tried, so I set it aside and put this LED fixture in its place. I still can't believe how perfectly it fits and looks. I haven't gotten around to replacing the damaged yellow T-molding yet. It'll happen soon... if I can pull myself away from playing long enough to do it! And yeah, I made sure I can play Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy on it. The monitor is also big enough to play 4-player Tournament Cyberball 2072 with both screens displayed on the one monitor! MAME recommendation for other cabinet enthusiasts: Get familiar with the control bindings in the Tab menu! I was able to configure nearly every game in my setup in one shot, even the dual-stick games like Robotron and Karate Champ. It's super easy, once you get your brain around the way MAME does things. Feel free to ask any questions you have!
  4. CuldceptCentral.com - come play with us!

  5. Microsoft Xbox 1.4 (almost official) View File 1040 entries, including Japanese games and playable prototypes. Enjoy! Submitter Andyman Submitted 10/03/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits Andyman  
  6. Version 1.6


    1040 entries, including Japanese games and playable prototypes. Enjoy!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Set of 448 Atari 2600 2D boxes with reflections added and reformatted to be aspect-correct in 16:9 widescreen setups. The boxes themselves are sourced from other 2D box sets. This set matches HyperList as of December 2017, but does not include images for games marked as prototypes, unlicensed, or non-English games.
  8. I'm actually redoing my HyperSpin setup on my HTPC from scratch thanks to the new HyperLaunch and HyperSync. Looking forward to experiencing the new hotness and playing a bunch of games I otherwise never would have. I only wish HS was around when I discovered emulation back in 1996. Great work, everyone!
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