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  1. I'm stepping away from HyperSpin for the foreseeable future. The incredible time-suck has overwhelmed me for the last time. It's a great frontend, but I just can't do it anymore. Sorry to anyone this disappoints. If anyone wants to pick up any of the projects I was taking the lead on and run with them, absolutely feel free, and I wish you the best of luck. Have fun!

  2. Enjoy what we have, and be pleasantly surprised when the next version arrives, y'know?
  3. @franciuipapiIt'd probably be better to start a new thread, rather than hijacking this one. You'd be much more likely to get help that way.
  4. CuldceptCentral.com - come play with us!

  5. Microsoft Xbox 1.4 (almost official) View File 1040 entries, including Japanese games and playable prototypes. Enjoy! Submitter Andyman Submitted 10/03/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits Andyman  
  6. Version 1.6


    1040 entries, including Japanese games and playable prototypes. Enjoy!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Set of 448 Atari 2600 2D boxes with reflections added and reformatted to be aspect-correct in 16:9 widescreen setups. The boxes themselves are sourced from other 2D box sets. This set matches HyperList as of December 2017, but does not include images for games marked as prototypes, unlicensed, or non-English games.
  8. I'm actually redoing my HyperSpin setup on my HTPC from scratch thanks to the new HyperLaunch and HyperSync. Looking forward to experiencing the new hotness and playing a bunch of games I otherwise never would have. I only wish HS was around when I discovered emulation back in 1996. Great work, everyone!
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