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  1. Hi, Ill just made this tiny pack in CD style box. Hope you like it.
  2. NEC SuperGrafx Pointer
  3. NEC SuperGrafx Wheel Packs
  4. NEC SuperGrafx Pointer(s)
  5. love xALPHAxOMEGAx
  6. Greetings Spinners.

    I bring you the 3d Box set for the NEC SupergrafX, in this Zip file you will find 2 folders. one containing the 4:3 format boxes and the other the widescreen 16:9 format

    I hope you will enjoy them.
  7. This archive contains 3 folders:

    1- In "SWF" folder you'll find .SWF renamed as .png. Hyperpsin will read it as .sfw so you will have animated cartridges as wheel's images. If you change the extension back to .swf hyperspin won't read it as wheel images but you can use it as artwork.
    2- In "Real PNG's" you will find proper png's.
    3- In "Real PNG's 16-9" you will find png's to use while running hyperspin on 16:9 monitor. The quality suffers a bit due to sampling but in most cases it will look better than the normal set does in 16:9.
    Png and swf file's names are compatible with HYPERLIST's "NEC Supergrafx.XML"
    You can redistribute/modify this set, just give credit to "dark13"
  8. 2D cleaned NEC SuperGrafx Box Art. Set includes: 1941 - Counter Attack (Japan); Aldynes (Japan); Battle Ace (Japan); Dai Makaimura (Japan); Madou Ou Granzort (Japan)
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