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  1. Which versions are you using? Latest versions works on w10 1809 (pro and enterprise), didn't test on1903. Check the resolution in .ini, w10 don't like emulator chosing it. On W10 it seems I can't use downsampling on model2 and model 3 (problems while going fullscreen). ps. beetle psx or pcsx reloaded on Retroarch generally works better than EPSXE
  2. Can someone please link me HyperSpin.exe 1.5, the first version working on w10 1809? I'm doing some tests but I don't have that version, thank you very much.
  3. Are you using video shaders in emulators (GLSL, HLSL, BGFX, SLANG, etc)? In one case I've seen the videocard having problems offloading .mp4 videos and consequently crawling even with MAME's BGFX shaders that are really light. Try to convert some videos to .flv and test it or test the emulators disabling shaders.
  4. Just testing the scrolling feature and HTML colors 😂
  5. Yeah, I found online a flash script to turn images into .swfs and modified it to correct aspect ratio, resolution and use smooth flag, if you open them with notepad there's still the name of the original author. I released it to simplify the transition to 16:9 and the use of FHD artworks in themes as scripts can be used without any knowledge of flash As far as I know BBB years ago wrote that HS can't go open source because it uses libraries that are not open source and cannot be included in open source code.
  6. Honestly I think flash would have serious performance problems at 1080p. On the other side you can pack 1080p artwork in a .swf and resize it inside flash, it has a really good upscaling filter when smooting is on.
  7. This is really weird, HS don't need internet connection and it don't even try to connect to internet. Only a .swf running inside HyperSpin can try to connect to internet (es. I use a as3 specialA1 with weather forecast and obviously it needs internet connection).
  8. Just set it to "default" and select the plugin you want inside epsxe. If you need another plugin for a specific game use rom remapping feature. It's the same problem with demul. In case just use multiple emulator's intallation folder with different settings and create a new emulator in RL to launch a specific game with those alternate settings.
  9. I added those lines to RA modules Commodore 64|LibRetro_VICE|vice_x64_libretro Sharp X68000|libretro_px68k|px68k_libretro And now it seems I can use RA cores, thanks. X68000 probably needs lots of work, with some games you are forced to use a specific disk in slot B. Indeed I still have problems with SCUMMVM, RL launch RA with SCUMMVM core but it starts with the GUI where you can select games, .scummvm files works correctly when you launch them from RA itself
  10. A single fullscreen video should actually run better than complicated .swf themes with particles and stuff, original .swf will probably looks much better, especially if the .swf uses fullHD resources,
  11. Yes, you can create a themeset using only videos but usually those videos are for other emulators or weak hardware. Just as example nvidia shield version of hyperspin can't use .swf, so you can directly use the videos of the theme.
  12. agent47 as far as you know is there any hope to see released RL modules for latest RA cores (vice, sharp x68000, daphne, etc)? 😛
  13. Also if you have the player count psd I would love to modify that for games that are online only. I am really trying to finish your theme, and I only need a few more things.

  14. Hey Dark, could you please upload the SWF for Aeon Nox that does NOT remove the Hypertext upon launching a game? I found a solution I would like to test for the video not stopping.

    Thank you :)

  15. Mame version and romset version MUST match, with a new version some roms get a redump or a name change. If the hardware is good enough it is worth upgrading at last to 0.214 as starting from this version cps3 emulation is perfect. On the other side you need also an older version, just as example "virtua fighter kids" on latest versions runs at 30% on my i5 4460. It was almost 100% on my old pentium 4
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