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  1. Se usi RocketLauncher puoi creare un'altro emulatore mame, puntare all'altro .exe ed usare la funzione alternate emulator per lanciare alcuni giochi con l'altra versione di mame. Per il NeoGeo, ad esempio, utilizzo un'altra installazione di mame con il bios impostato su AES, o su Amiga i giochi che non vanno sul Retroarch sono impostati su WinUAE.
  2. There's a bug in official RA module with scummVM, backup your RA ahk and try this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho93nf4vl0nguwb/Retroarch.ahk?dl=0
  3. Yeah, you need just sxs.dll from a pre 2004 windows inside HS main folder Anyway for an arcade cab probably it wopuld be better to use windows LTSC 😛
  4. I agree, joypad input is seriously messed up in HyperSpin, use joy2key or xpadder.
  5. Some televisions automatically starts when power is resumed, if you don't want to keep it turned on you should get one of these. Basically you put a power strip inside the cab and route the power button of the strip, when you turn on the power strip the tv will turn on.
  6. Do not use joy2key on emulators, modern emulators can handle joypads. Are you using DS4 software or just vanilla ps4 pad? By default ps4 run under directinput, using ds4 you can emulate a x360 pad under xinput, create profiles, change light's color, use motion controls, etc https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases
  7. Windows 10 v2004 fix: Just drop the dll into HS folder
  8. Guess what? Animation is too fast. I can do it but 1- If you use a 4:3 screen just use 1024x768 resolution to prepare the thing, if it's a 16:9 design the thing on 1360x768 then rescale to 1024x768. Using a swf with empty pixels is not a good idea so trim and use the real height of the thing for the .pngs 2- It's too fast. Every pngs must be replicated from 5 to 10 times, so duplicate b_01 and rename it b_01 b_02 and so on. Making the thing in animate is just too boring 😛 https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj74gjssgg45ji6/SpecialB.swf?dl=0
  9. Le esclusive europee sono incluse nell'ultimo database, le esclusive giapponesi giocabili no.
  10. If you want to run emulators at higher resolution you need a decent videocard. As example my gtx660 can't run zelda BOWT with 1080p graphic pack at 100%. So, I'd say something like a 1650 or a 1660 super would be better at 1080p, especially for window games. On the other side if you are on a ssf pc probably you'll need a new PSU with a decent videocard.
  11. Hello. Is your widescreen convertion script still available? Thanks

  12. Try Launcher4kodi https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=136798
  13. Can someone please link me HyperSpin.exe 1.5, the first version working on w10 1809? I'm doing some tests but I don't have that version, thank you very much.
  14. Just set it to "default" and select the plugin you want inside epsxe. If you need another plugin for a specific game use rom remapping feature. It's the same problem with demul. In case just use multiple emulator's intallation folder with different settings and create a new emulator in RL to launch a specific game with those alternate settings.
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