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  1. A single fullscreen video should actually run better than complicated .swf themes with particles and stuff, original .swf will probably looks much better, especially if the .swf uses fullHD resources,
  2. Yes, you can create a themeset using only videos but usually those videos are for other emulators or weak hardware. Just as example nvidia shield version of hyperspin can't use .swf, so you can directly use the videos of the theme.
  3. agent47 as far as you know is there any hope to see released RL modules for latest RA cores (vice, sharp x68000, daphne, etc)? 😛
  4. Also if you have the player count psd I would love to modify that for games that are online only. I am really trying to finish your theme, and I only need a few more things.

  5. Hey Dark, could you please upload the SWF for Aeon Nox that does NOT remove the Hypertext upon launching a game? I found a solution I would like to test for the video not stopping.

    Thank you :)

  6. Mame version and romset version MUST match, with a new version some roms get a redump or a name change. If the hardware is good enough it is worth upgrading at last to 0.214 as starting from this version cps3 emulation is perfect. On the other side you need also an older version, just as example "virtua fighter kids" on latest versions runs at 30% on my i5 4460. It was almost 100% on my old pentium 4
  7. I keep Playstation, saturn, 3d0, etc cd images compressed in rar5, RL can decompress and load the game automatically. Space savings. I mentioned rar5 (5, not 4, my fault) as it's really fast in decompressing archives.
  8. Tested right now, 0.216 works with RocketLauncher. Setting up RL might be a good idea, also because you can keep .iso in .rar4 and decompress it on the fly before launch (I use a ramdisk to avoid HD strain).
  9. Mame has changed something lately, in RocketLaunche the old AHK (0.186 i think) works with 0.214 but you have to set it this way.
  10. MameUi still exists, the problem is right now there's just too much unplayable stuff in "official" mame releases (mechanical, screenless, pinball, casino) and if you use the official GUI it's a real mess. That stuff is removed in Arcade64. It's just another compiled version of mame with "no nag" (the official version still give screen advice when you launch an "imperfect" game) , it was compiled also from a board member and uploaded in download section, he told me he don't compile it anymore as very few people use it and gave me that link . I think it might be a "modern" version of mameFX as it has the same "clones" structure.
  11. Arcade64 is no longer compiled for HS downloads, grab it here. Even mameUI should work, anyway. The good thing about A64 is it don't list mechanical, casino and other sh*ts 😛 64 bit https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ANMY0z9h8rgPH9w&cid=8F1E2E1B27C9F920&id=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!8035&parId=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!8031&action=locate 32bit https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AIV5NRFZV2oIsIU&cid=8F1E2E1B27C9F920&id=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!8036&parId=8F1E2E1B27C9F920!8031&action=locate
  12. To configure shaders on a new mame I just put "arcade64.exe" in mame folder and configure it from A64's GUI. You need also "plugins" folder from Arcade64.
  13. Ikagura used Naomi board, just use demul for naomi, m2emulator for model 2 and supermodeler for model3. Upgrade to mame 0.214 can make sense as finally cps3 (Street Fighter 3) emulation is now perfect. For the videocard, well, try it. Old AMD drivers are often a mess...
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