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  1. dark13

    Help, Game selection button does not start.

    Se i tasti non funzionano in Hyperspin dopo che sei uscito da un emulatore e' molto probabile che l'applicazione non abbia preso il focus, prova ad usare questa opzione di RL settando "restore and click". ..\Hyperspin\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncherUI\RocketLauncherUI.exe
  2. dark13

    Help, Game selection button does not start.

    Stai usando rocketlauncher oppure no? Se non lo stai usando devi impostare i percorsi da hyperHQ, se lo stai usando li devi impostare in rocketlauncherUI (ovviamente mettili su "enabled", io uso rocketlauncher). Se sei su windows10 devi dare i diritti di amministratore ah Hyperspin e, se lo usi, a rocketlauncher. Klikka con il destro del mouse sull'exe - >compatibilita' -> esegui questo programma come amministratore. Se e' un arcade o un HTPC ti conviene disattivare l'UAC per non avere ogni volta la richiesta di conferma.
  3. dark13

    Help identify cabinet

    It's just an ordinary custom made bartop with an HyperSpin sticker glued to the hard disk. Probably the hard disk comes from ebay sellers that sell HyperSpin's preconfigured setting (spoiler: often they don't work and sellers don't give any kind of support on those things)
  4. dark13

    Do I need JoytoKey or xPadder ?

    If the encoder is setted as "keyboard" (some can be set up as "joypad" as on many windows games you can't set 2 player on a keyboard) you don't need xpadder nor joy2key, just configure the input inside the emulators themselves.
  5. dark13

    Naomi and atomiswave problems with the controls

    Open demul and configure input, then open padDemul.ini so you can copy/paste those numbers into RocketLauncher
  6. dark13

    Finally a six button wireless PC gamepad

    You can also take a look at the ps4/xbox figthing pad like this one. and yeah, mapping saturn on xbox/ps4 pad is a nightmare. https://www.amazon.it/Mad-Catz-Fighter-Fightpad-Gamepad/dp/B019E1FR30/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_63_t_1/259-6400190-0984757?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=6Q2FNG3C1SKR9F5H34JQ
  7. dark13

    Launching different versions of Mame

    Cave sh3 games works on MAME arcade64 0.206, you can download it in donwload section. Timings are a bit off but there is no way to have perfect timings in MAME, you can try shmups MAME but it is no more manteined. You can try also DEMUL, it supports sh3 games. Mapping games to different emulator is really important as in some cases there is not an emulator that can run them all, the best solution is to implement RocketLauncher as it has roms mapping feature, as example you can use a mixed demul/mame wheel with games mapped to the correct emulator. You can also map retroarch cores, as example some ps1 games don't work with mednafen core but they works in pcsx reloaded core.
  8. dark13

    Hardware to run Gamecube and Ps2

    intel 8350k at last @4.5ghz, overclockable mobo, a decent heatsink, 16gb ddr4 (zelda BOTW needs 10gb), gtx1060 6gb. This can basically run everything at 1080p. I3 of the current gen have 4 cores, previous versions had only 2 cores, there's a great difference. Some emulators as cemu seems to really like 4 cores. Cemu honestly can use also 6 cores but the boost is not that significant.
  9. dark13

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    A pc is surely more expensive but if you are at 720p a 120€ ryzen 2400g can run fullspeed about 98% of emulators' database and 60 fps on low settings with SFV/MK/tekken7/soul calibur. To be sure you can run EVERYTHING at 1080p you need a 8350 @4.8ghz and a 1060 6gb (in some cases you can even downsample window games from 4k). A bit on the pricey side...
  10. dark13

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    With a pi you'll be missing lots of great games. Everyone will think to console and mame 3d games but even cps3 games (street fighter 3) will be costantly frameskipping on a pi3, I tested 2 version of pandora's box (similar hardware) and both versions had this issue. Another reason to use a pc if you are on LCD screen is the freedom you got with shaders: some of them are too much demanding for a pi3 while a decent videocards can run them. Honestly today crt emulation is so good you can pass on a real CRT.
  11. dark13

    To zip or not to zip (or 7zip)

    On pc I use rar5 cd/dvd and a dynamic ramdisk to avoid too much stress on the hard disk (especially when testing stuff). With saturn and psx on retroarch you can compress multidisk games and use .m3u to use RA disk changer. You can also consider windows NTFS compression, Circo says it's not that bad.
  12. Modern motherboards seems to not have "power on after power loss" option, i was told to use a capacitor 100uf 25v on motherboard's power pins. When you give power to the the motherboard it should turn on the computer. Windows 7 can be completely hidden, if you want windows 10 you need enterprise edition, it is the only version in which you can hide lockscreen. To shell hyperspin the best solution is using group policies (home editions dont' have group policies)
  13. dark13

    Light gun issues in hyperspin

    If the lightgun is a mouse emulator probably you should activate mouse as lightgun device
  14. dark13

    Need help to remove shaders from mame

    Graphic user interface. Some versions have it, some versions use a simple text interface