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  1. Have you set the .ini path to mame.ini folder? Sometimes RL tends to not properly set the path, check the RL settings file. Try also BGFX instead of HLSL, set video to BGFX, activate cheat and select the BGFX chain (crt geom deluxe rocks)
  2. Try these settings in RL, the .ini path must be the one used by mame
  3. My HTPC is running 10 enterprise 1809, will check it, I haven't noticed a big lag at the first launch but the HTPC uses Kodi as shell and advanced launcher to launch hyperspin and firefox. Remember that boots for one or 2 days are really slow after an update due windows doing optimization and other sh*t. BTW, is it possibile that in 1809 you can't shell another software from windows registry nor group policies? I had to use Launcher4kodi.
  4. Booting from a SATA SSD should not be a problem.
  5. Here Kingston A400 240GB costs 30€, Kingston A400 480GB costs 56€. Prices seem to be falling. We're not talking about hi-end SSD but compared to 7200rpm the difference in boot time is HUGE. Too sad a 4TB traditional HD still costs >100€. Yeah, that mobo probably does not have a m.2 and surely not a NVME m.2 slot. Many mobo simply don't boot from PCI-E adapter. What would make a HUGE difference would be using "suspend to ram" but some system tends to keep fans and leds on while others tends to just keep power on ram. The problem is flash has memory leaking problems so the rig needs to be restarted time by time.
  6. When windows shows the shell it is still loading stuff and starting services. On a cab's friend, running on a laptop, I had to set HS to not skip the introduction video because he was costantly skipping it and RL scripts were timed out as the pc was still busy. An SSD should speed up startup and they are not pricey (sata is ok, obviously NVME on m.2 are MUCH faster). Someone reported problems with HS running from an SSD but in case you can install HS on the traditional HD and keep the OS on the SSD, in this case a 120gb is perfect. The cpu should be a Intel Core i5-2500, it is still decent for a cab/HTPC despite its age
  7. When you turn on the pc the first game will ALWAYS take a bit to launch in HS. 20 seconds is actually a bit too much. What hardware are you using? The facts is Windows is still loading stuff when HS starts and the launch of the first game will be slow. Using an SSD for hyperspin and windows OS should make things better (40€ for a 256gb sata, not too pricey these days). You can try one thing: set a 5 minute video intro to hyperspin and set HS to not skip it. While the video is playing windows should load all its stuff and the first launch should be faster. Always a bit slower than the second launch but it should not take 20 seconds. If it is an HTPC set kodi as shell and launch hyperspin from advanced launcher
  8. A second tought, are you using windows defender? Try disabling it. If you are not using another antivirus you can disable it only on the current session but in case you can disable it permanently trought windows registry
  9. Someone has reported problems with windows 1903
  10. So I guess the software should be updated for 1903. Windows10 updates are a HUGE mess. Probably for HTPC and cabs would be a good idea to use Windows 10 1809 LTSC edition (only security updates). ps. I can read a bit of spanish but I can't write in spanish 😛
  11. Do HyperSpin and RocketLauncher have administrator right?
  12. Both s-video and cvbs sucks in terms of image quality, I've used the HTPC on a CRT for some years. Consider upgrading to a cheap LED monitor/TV, today the CRT shaders works really good in MAME and RetroArch.
  13. If you want a quick method to find a specific game try this add-on
  14. Yeah, with current laws nintendo is 100% right. Like a man who reports an hidden jewish family in nazi germany, if you get the point...
  15. Trust me, nintendo would deserve a HUGE boycott campaign, they're even going after the c64 conversion of super mario bros. Defending IPs and consoles still in an active life cycle is a thing, having NO respect for communities is another thing. https://www.revyuh.com/2019/04/nintendo-apparently-stopped-super-mario-bros-c64/
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