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  1. For ps1 and other CD games just use rar5 compression and set RocketLauncher to unrar them before loading it (5-10 seconds on @2.4 Q6600). To avoid stressing the hard disk if you have enough ram you can decompress isos into a ramdrive https://sourceforge.net/projects/imdisk-toolkit/
  2. Here's the control panel, in 2 weeks I should post the finished thing
  3. dark13

    My Arcade Cab

    White cabinets are underrated If you want a decent print you should find 150DPI/180DPI resources, 300DPI would be perfect but it's a real pain to work with and finding artwork at 300DPI is basically impossible (1mt*2mt is 22k*11k pixels).
  4. dark13

    Shutdown/exit code in hyperspin

    As far as I know it is not possible to use a password to exit hyperspin, you can launch explorer.exe when HS closes (it is possibile to launch an application when HS closes, you can find the option in HyperHQ statup/exit).
  5. dark13

    Looking for some advise on a project

    Uhm... the fact is for emulation windows is better than linux. Some emulators does not exists and other ones have worst performance on linux and osx. If it is a console-pc probably you should take a look at universal themes, they fit an htpc-oriented project better
  6. I'm making artworks for a friend of mine, The thing is a restored 90s italian arcade cabinet (professional are doing the woodwork :p) Just want to heard some opinions on the design itself, the 3d model still need some tweakings,textures are not 100% lined up and the side art composition is still WIP.
  7. dark13

    Shutdown/exit code in hyperspin

    step1: shelling HS Search "gpedit.msc" from windows start and run it, administrative templates->System->Custom user interface set hyperspin as shell (don't works on HOME editions) Shelling HS from group policies is better than shelling it from system registry as if you ctrl+alt+canc, open the task manager and run "explorer.exe" the original windows GUI will start, if you shell from the registry it will just open an explorer window. step2: automatic login https://www.cnet.com/how-to/automatically-log-in-to-your-windows-10-pc/ step3: turning off the computer from HS https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000321.htm Just launch the created link from HS (make a "shutdown" wheel) Or set HS to launch the link when HS close)
  8. If you already have have a gtx1080 yeah, it is a waste of money. And, anyway, a 2080ti still can't run FFXV at 60 fps (yeah, the engine sucks). https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/geforce_rtx_2080_founders_review,14.html TAA and DLSS are interesting but we all know how these things works. I've never seen a game using DX11's tassellation like "heaven" benchmark, ATI's "mantle" is not going anywhere and so on. The thing is clearly overpriced but right now EVERY videocard on the market is freaking overpriced. 70€ for a gt1030 is just crazy. Ah, and here the intel 8100 cpu just went from 120€ to 170€ due to demand/offer stuff. High prices and minimal power increase, then producers wonder why desktops don't sell that much. As said, a 2600k is still perfect for 1080p gaming. If Ryzen was not released at this point intel would still sell 2 cores at premium price...
  9. I'll tell you a thing: a 2011 cpu is still good to play today at 1080p https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/intel-sandy-bridge-core-i7-2600kthe-2018-review-time-for-an-upgrade,1.html The fun thing is the article is confronting a 4 cores 2011 cpu with a 2018 6 cores cpu. If you really want hi-end gaming at 4k you need high end hardware: oc'ed 8700k, a GOOD heatsink, a decent z370 mobo, gtx2080, 16gb of ram, m.2 ssd. For some games if you want to play 4k at 60fps a second gtx2080 should probably kicks in. We're in, well, "I'm made of money" range lol. An oc'ed 8600k, a GOOD heatsink, a decent z370 mobo, gtx1060 6gb (but, again, wait for the new videocards nvidia is rolling out), 16gb ram, m.2 ssd is a very good system for 60 fps at 1080p. If you want more performance at the same price for non-games related stuff probably you should look at AMD's ryzen but emulators prefers intel cpu as they have better single-threaded performance. the REAL problem is today 4k resolution is becoming the "standard" but non high-end hardware really struggle to run 4k
  10. The question is really easy: what do you want to run on the rig? If you want to play modern pc games you really need 4 cores and a gtx1070 (perfect for 1080p, at 4k it will not run every game you thrown at it). The problem is... well, an i5 would be better as future games might need that 2 extra cores. Considering you are interested in emulation i'd say 8600k as you can safely overclock it 4.5ghz. Ryzen is a better bang for bucks but single core performance are still weaker and most emulators use only 2 cores. An 8350k is a bit cheaper, 4 core only. You'll need a decent z370 motherboard and a decent heatsink. For modern games and WiiU emulator you really need 16gb of ram. 8gb will work on most games/emulator but for some games 12gb are recommended. If you have a 1080p monitor/TV probably a gtx1060 6gb will be a good choice too. But... wait a bit longer, nvidia has released gtx2080, so gtx2060 and gtx2070 should follow. For hard disk... well, if you want full romsets of psp, gamecube, ps2 and so on... 2x8gb might even not be enough If you're on tight budget I'd avoid 8gb things. 500gb m.2 ssd and a 4gb 72000rpm hard disk, you can expand storage later. Anyway i have the impression you are talking of a preconfigured 8tb hard disk with hyperspin, I give you an advice: those things are illegal, they often DO NOT WORK and sellers refuse any form of post-sale assistance..
  11. dark13

    best hardware configuration

    Have to check performance but the IGP is always an intel product. ITX form factor is relatively small and you can use high-end hardware with m.2 ssd hard disk and a good videocard https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z370I-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC.html If you are into overclock and have you space for a decent heatsink i3 8350k is a good choice, it can safely runs at 4.5ghz as it usually can reach 5ghz. A good start point can be a case like this one http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mini-itx/elite130/ . The good thing is it supports an ATX PSU. With an upper mid-end rig you need at last 400 REAL WATT, that means a decent >550W PSU. If you are planning overclock and an high-end videocard the thing can be much more complicated. Probably a custom build case would offer better solutions. There are L shaped pci-e adaptor that could help organizing space... results seems to vary, some people don't have problems, some people have lots of problems. If looks is more important than real performance you should be able to find a decent "steam machine". The project has been an uber failure but some decent rig was rolled out.
  12. dark13

    best hardware configuration

    What do you want to run? The passmark score is similar to the e2180 I'm using in my HTPC and this mean no demul, no CEMU, no dolphin, no pcsx2. Even mame's system 11/12 (tekken, soul calibur, street fighter ex) will not run, they will run on epsx (playstation1 version). The biggest problem will be the integrated graphic cards, I don't think it will support CRT shaders emulation even if new mame's BGFX are not that demanding. It might have problem playing HS videos, some intel GPUs are not compatible. I know, hardware prices in Brazil are crazy -.-
  13. dark13

    I'm a Platinum member, i have a quick question

    Ti consiglio vivamente di continuare ad usare RocketLauncher a prescindere dal frontend, e' supportato da molti frontends e, una volta settato, ti libera dalla pena di configurare gli emulatori su un nuovo frontend in caso volessi cambiarlo. Fa anche cose molto comode come estrarre un iso in rar5 al volo e caricarlo su un caricatore virtuale, cosa, ad esempio, che e' fondamentale con l'SSF (saturn). HyperSpin, usando RocketLauncher, ad essere onesti, e' facilissimo da configurare, devi solo scaricare gli artwork e rinominare le roms. HyperSpin e' conosciuto per la skin di default, perfetta per un mamecab ma ci sono delle universal skin che sono perfette per un HTPC o un desktop. Molti credono che HyperSpin vada bene solo per i cabinati MA la possibilita' di usare file FLASH permette di aggiungere funzioni non presenti nel programma. In queste 2 skin una buona meta' delle features non sono presenti in HyperSpin bensi' programmate direttamente nei files che HyperSpin apre. "Aeon nox XII" e' mia e sinceramente la devo completare (al momento e' molto meglio di quella che vedi nel video ed ha parecchie funzioni in piu': il colore della GUI e delle scritte, ad esempio, e' configurabile da un .xml) , non so a che punto sia "pure" ma ci sono delle universal skin altrettanto belle gia' disponibili per il download Sorry for writing in italian, it was faster
  14. dark13

    Latest Hyperspin update

    Honestly I don't know, i did some as3 coding for my theme but I'm definitely not a coder. Anyway with good hardware it is really difficult to trigger the bug, on q6600 @3.2ghz I had to try 15-20 times to check if that happens while on my old htpc, based on p4, it was a freaking nightmare. The fact is the time window in which you can trigger the bug is really tight now, and it's tighter when you are using a powerful hardware. If you press the button to launch the game and move the wheel just one time the bug will not be triggered, you need to move the wheel in the exact moment the system is transitioning from HS to the emulator. The fact is... well, hyperspin offers outstanding customizazion options in terms of theme making
  15. dark13

    Latest Hyperspin update

    The bug with the video running in the background is still here, but it's not that easy to trigger now. Basically if you move the wheel in the exact moment the game is launching you'll have that problem. On low-spec hardwares it happens more often probably because the system takes more time to load the emulator with the rom, it is unlikely to happen on high-end hardware. Honestly I don't think it's a bug of the code but a problem related to flash itself. My theme is heavily based on actionscript3 code, the video is loaded directly in the background .swf, not by hyperspin, AND it has exactly the same problem. Moreover with my code it should NOT happens as the code removes the video when HS is off-focus and reloads it when HS is in-focus. Probably there's a really tight window of time where the emulator is starting AND flash cannot read the code.