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  1. I'll explain better: you put inside the cab a power strip with a routed button on top of the cabinet , you use a tv/monitor that automatically turns on when the power strip is turned on and you use a capacitator so the pc automatically turns on. Result: you give power to the power strip with the button and the cab turns on.
  2. I still have to try the thing but I was told you can use a 100uf 25v capacitator connected to the motherboard instead of the power button, when you turn on the power strip it will start the system. It's a shame that "power on after power loss" was removed from motherboards...
  3. Open HyperHQ and modify the position, it should be artworkB
  4. No problem in using 2 hard disks in RL, just add the paths in RocketLauncher for the roms and the emulators. Media stuff must obviously be in HS installation folder, you can't use 2 hard disk for HyperSpin. I even use a ramdisk for .iso extraction on the fly to avoid to stress too much the HDs
  5. 9700k: 3.6ghz ->4.9ghz in turbo mode 9900k: 9700k: 3.6ghz ->5ghz in turbo mode Hyperthreading does not worth the extra cash for gaming and emulators, it works like a charm with encoding and rendering 😛 .
  6. Yeah, ATI/AMD is a lot cheaper but in the very end you get more heat, less compatibility and you need more watt. Right now AMD's CPU are really close to Intel even on single core performance (basically what you need for emulation) but Intel is still faster despise the fact their cpu seems to have more security bugs than transistors 😛
  7. Fifa 19 on an arcade joystick would be a nightmare. Anyway you can use a wireless joypad for windows games (xbox one or ps4). Honestly, 4k is way too much, you'd really need a hi-end videocards and even a 2080TI cant' run 60 fps on ultra settings with some games. On the other side a mid-range videocard can easily manage 1080p. Basically you'll need an intel core i5 9600, 16gb ddr4 and, gtx1660 and nvme SSD to play at 1080 If you want real 4k and raytracing... well, it will cost much more. Intel core i 7 9700 as cpu and the videocard.... well, check the one you can afford between RTX 2070, RTX2080 or RTX2080TI. Maybe I'd wait a bit, soon we should see pci-e4 motherboard and new videocard from ATI (nvidia should drop prices or rolls out new videocards) If you know how to do the thing or you know someone who can do it it would be better to get a "K" cpu and a very good heatsink to overclock the cpu to 4.6ghz/4.7ghz v (some chips can do 5ghz).
  8. As far as I remember you can't remove text from HyperHQ ..\HyperSpin\Settings\SYSTEMNAME.ini [[Game Text] game_text_active=true show_year=true show_manf=true show_description=true text_color1=0xffffff text_color2=0x0099cc stroke_color=0x000000 text_font=Style1 text1_textsize=26 text1_strokesize=7 text1_x=32 text1_y=610 text2_textsize=36 text2_strokesize=8 text2_x=30 text2_y=640 set game_text_active=false show_year=false show_manf=false show_description=false
  9. Yeah, mame64 is better (arcade64 can't run some games depending on the build) BUT it still shows infos before launchng the rom with games that have problems.
  10. Consider also another thing: with Arcade64 if you set the path of artworks (bezel and games that need graphic like "armour attack", "laguna racer", "space invaders deluxe", etc") shaders will NOT work.
  11. Have you set the .ini path to mame.ini folder? Sometimes RL tends to not properly set the path, check the RL settings file. Try also BGFX instead of HLSL, set video to BGFX, activate cheat and select the BGFX chain (crt geom deluxe rocks)
  12. Try these settings in RL, the .ini path must be the one used by mame
  13. My HTPC is running 10 enterprise 1809, will check it, I haven't noticed a big lag at the first launch but the HTPC uses Kodi as shell and advanced launcher to launch hyperspin and firefox. Remember that boots for one or 2 days are really slow after an update due windows doing optimization and other sh*t. BTW, is it possibile that in 1809 you can't shell another software from windows registry nor group policies? I had to use Launcher4kodi.
  14. Booting from a SATA SSD should not be a problem.
  15. Here Kingston A400 240GB costs 30€, Kingston A400 480GB costs 56€. Prices seem to be falling. We're not talking about hi-end SSD but compared to 7200rpm the difference in boot time is HUGE. Too sad a 4TB traditional HD still costs >100€. Yeah, that mobo probably does not have a m.2 and surely not a NVME m.2 slot. Many mobo simply don't boot from PCI-E adapter. What would make a HUGE difference would be using "suspend to ram" but some system tends to keep fans and leds on while others tends to just keep power on ram. The problem is flash has memory leaking problems so the rig needs to be restarted time by time.
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