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  1. Windows updates has become a plague, everytime the thing is updated something stopped working. I install new windows versions only when the support cease, infact I updated to 2004 this week. I was asked to uninstall virtualbox and the system uninstalled cpu-z. No problem at all, after the update I installed the new versions of virtualbox and cpu-z but just think to a place where virtualbox is used ro run old software and there are no people who knows how to fix the thing... On the HTPC I just installed W10 LTSC, 10 years of security updates without version change 😛
  2. Some users reported that old sxs.dll into HS folder works also on 20H2, please try it and check windows defender exception, with version change it may tends to reset rules.
  3. No, there is no way to change the number of items displayed on the wheel. Horizontal wide was added for a better fit in HTPC themes, I'm the one who requested the feature 😛 On the other side the option was not added in hyperHQ so you need to change the setting directly into the .xml When using square boxarts 5 item is perfect but for most systems you really need 7 items 😛
  4. I did the video in After Effects CS6. CS6 as later versions don't have .flv encoder. Technically .mp4 supports alpha trasparency but I haven't found a software capable of doing it. You must set the thing to encode in .flv with RGB+Alpha to get trasparency. If you have other questions you can send me a message so we can use italian instead of english or post in the italian section of the forum 😛
  5. I'm new to Hyperpin. Bought a drive setup that has everything plus hyperspin and all the videos and artwork. Problem is I really don't like the theme. I noticed yours and was wondering where I can get it and what would I need to do to switch to it? Thanks.

  6. No, HS does not support subwheel. You can do it using multiple istances of HyperSpin. EXAMPLE: the main HS launch the HS with console games
  7. BBB said source code can't be released as open source because it contains some commercial code/libraries
  8. There's a bug in official RA module with scummVM, backup your RA ahk and try this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho93nf4vl0nguwb/Retroarch.ahk?dl=0
  9. Yeah, you need just sxs.dll from a pre 2004 windows inside HS main folder Anyway for an arcade cab probably it wopuld be better to use windows LTSC 😛
  10. Windows 10 v2004 fix: Just drop the dll into HS folder
  11. Hello. Is your widescreen convertion script still available? Thanks

  12. Can someone please link me HyperSpin.exe 1.5, the first version working on w10 1809? I'm doing some tests but I don't have that version, thank you very much.
  13. Also if you have the player count psd I would love to modify that for games that are online only. I am really trying to finish your theme, and I only need a few more things.

  14. Hey Dark, could you please upload the SWF for Aeon Nox that does NOT remove the Hypertext upon launching a game? I found a solution I would like to test for the video not stopping.

    Thank you :)

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