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  1. This is a sample of 4 images from our collection of 142 3D boxes for the SNK Neo Geo AES. Be sure to let HyperSpin know they should upgrade our membership status to get the full set!
  2. Hi,
    I upload my neo geo carts in 3d
    new V.2:
    140 files in 2 size with the template includes and artwork use in 2d (to adjust)
    You may have to rezize for 16/9 theme view (apply 75% on the width). you can use fotosizer, but I add a 16-9 pack ready in small format
  3. Hi,
    I upload my neo geo carts in 3d
    140 files
    I could upload these in big format if necessary
    You to rezize for 16/9 view (apply 75% on the width)
  4. Custom NEO GEO Carts
    *fixed the top right corner ... was not so round
  5. Letter pack of the SNK Neo Geo AES system using the same lettering style and colour as the official logo for the console.
  6. System wheel for the SNK Neo Geo AES - matching the logo style of the console
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