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  1. Hi like your bezel packs, would it be possible to have link to a Sega Hikaru bezel please.



    Really good set and better quality! I find a few wrong covers, so i tried to fix them. Attached here. Thanks! GameCube Fixed.zip
  2. Before build a 4 players cab, i would ask myself a few questions: 1.- Will I play 4 players games often? Like 2-3 days/month at least? 2.- Will my Control Panel be comfortable with 4 complete joystics + buttons? 3- Do i know how many 4 player games are there? And how much of that games do i like to play? I asked myself this questions when building my cab, and i finally ended building a 2 Players cab (*) (*) I set it up with the possibility of playing 4 Player games with 2 Joystics + 2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers or with 4 Xbox 360 wireless controllers. I can also play 6 player games with 2 Joystics + 4 Xbox 360 wireless controllers.
    This is the best 3D Box Pack Ever for Game Boy Color. Really good job!
  3. Wikipedia says there are 37 games. What is this DB based on? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Duck Are all games dumped? Thanks for your work!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Pinball FX3 Framed Main Menu Wheel Crylen Style
  5. Many thanks! Is this based on latest HBMAME PD set?
  6. What system uses this Database? Shouldn't it be splitted into individual databases for Sega Hikaru, Sammy Atomiswave, etc? Anyway thanks for this share!
  7. Your Databases are always great! I think it has to be a "easy" way to batch change MAME genres to HyperSpin Genres with your script but as I don't know anything about scripting, i'm not able to help you with that Now as HyperSpin people is unifying all genres it would be great to use the same genres in all databases so we don't have to rename wheels and backgrounds. I don't think the other man did it manually.
  8. Take a look at the end of this thread: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/25014-official-mame-xml-database-thread/page-2 it seems someone is doing something similar but with official hyperspin genres. Hope it helps to you with your script.
  9. Here is it! Action Adventure Ball & Paddle Beat-'Em-Up Board Games Breakout Card Battle Casino Climbing Compilation Driving Educational Electromechanical - PinMAME Fighter Flying Game Show Gun Mahjong Mature Maze Mini-Games Miscellaneous Motorcycle Multimedia Party Pinball Platform Puzzle Quiz Rhythm Role-Playing Shoot-'Em-Up Shooter Simulation Spinner Sports Sports/Baseball Sports/Basketball Sports/Biking Sports/Bowling Sports/Boxing Sports/Cricket Sports/Fishing Sports/Football Sports/Futuristic Sports/Golf Sports/Handball Sports/Hockey Sports/Horse Racing Sports/Hunting Sports/Olympic Sports/Pool and Dart Sports/Rugby Sports/Skateboarding Sports/Skating Sports/Skiing Sports/Snowboarding Sports/Soccer Sports/Surfing Sports/Tennis Sports/Track & Field Sports/Volleyball Sports/Wakeboarding Sports/Wrestling Strategy Tabletop Utility Virtual Life Water
  10. Is there a way to do this lists with HyperSpin Official Genres? Thanks in advance.
  11. r0man0, thanks again for your great work. I would like to know how can i create this kind of xmls you do with MAME new release. Which program are you using and what files do i need? Thanks in advance.
  12. i'm using Working Games xml of this database and if you have complete MAME 0.175 slitted set, the only missing ones are CHDs. If you have CHDs too, it apears as missing on RocketLauncher but you can execute it and they work. (At least for me).
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