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  1. Hi thank you. I ever use mainly retroarch so no problem I think. Merci beaucoup c est sympa. J utilise principalement retroarch pour tout donc ca devrait le faire. Merci encore et bonne soiree
  2. Hi, stupid question but how do you update to the last beta apk? Do you just sideload the apk on shield tv and install (overwrite)? Is all previous folders and settings keep safe ? Thanks for your advice Regards
  3. thank you so much to fix these bugs and keep alive the frontend. Since you are working again on it, Maybe, you may could add in the future some new features like "favorites" ? it would be wonderful to have an android hyperspin as complete as pc version. thanks
  4. Thank you so much to keep alive the best frontend of all time. Can t wait to test when I come back Thanks again for your work
  5. A paid version on playstore to support the developper would be an idea.
  6. Hello. And thanks for the SNK Neo Geo AES - 3D Carts [HQ Hi Res] 2.0.0.

    I have a problem, it misses a image in your PSD Template. Can you fix it? 

    I really need it fixed to create more images.

    Thank you! :i_am_so_happy:


  7. Hi, thanks hope I could success with this update regards
  8. Hi aorin, great works as always thanks. I can't send you a message by the box messages. so could you please say me if you could share the 2d label in big format like the preview of this page ? by mail or else thanks in advance regards
  9. nice work thanks a lot for these great artworks
  10. nice work thanks, looks great with my custom boxes thanks
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, here a 291 pc engine 3D boxes pack with accurate japan official spines. (american turbografx titles are made in japanese version) I have made lots a research to make the spines the most accurate possible. thanks to Suprakarma for his dreamcast 3d box template (I made some tweaks on it to match the pc engine style) to publish it soon.) I add a set for 4/3 users and 16/9 users and join the set in original size. I join the 2d artwork cover as a request made. (it missing several 2d cover (10) because can't find them in good quality and use other sources to finish the set with the 10 missings.) I add my own XML database for pc engine You may rename some to match your own database. (I'm french and rename marchen maze translated "FR") hope you like. cheers
  12. hi, there are only 527 3d boxes for the super famicom, but there are som games left, will u put the other boxes later ? thanks for answering 


    1. mikty


      Hi I only create artworks according to the last database so If an update will coming soon I will complete the stuff




      That is right but also other box sets that are on hyper spin don't count the database, can you make an exception, we really really need them mikty!!!

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