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  1. mikty

    Site Update and Downtime

    Hi, all is ok now thanks for your support
  2. mikty

    Site Update and Downtime

    Hi, the hyperlist site seems not working http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Is the update break it ? thanks
  3. The bettle psx on aarch 64 worth playing.it run better and have chd support. The retroarch team seems to says that more cores will be enchanced for 64 bits. Dolphin could be evolved soon So I think retroarch 64 bits worth spent time on it It s just my opinion. No worries Regards
  4. Hi, so unless we could add a line in a settings.ini to indicate a path to the config files for 64 bits, we could't use retroarch 64 bit edition on hyperspin I think What a pity. Could we expect an update on this marvelous hyperspin for android ? (maybe the author Reznnate). All other frontend doesn't support videos and multiples artworks on same time as hyperspin do. Really annoying, we could be near the perfect solution for emulation with it. I doesn't very happy to return to pc windows witch isn't friendly using as shield tv. Hope the hyperspin android will survive and evolved Regards
  5. Bad news, you bring lots stuff for hyperspin Thanks
  6. ok thanks I find your previous post about dual config I will make some others tests thanks
  7. Hi, so I made some test with your several line given by your apps but it doesn't work. like said Honosueri, after launching a game from hyperspin,we arrived on the main interface of retroarch witch become frozen. see image below (sorry for the quality.) What a pity because beetle psx work at 60 fps whitch is better than the regular retroarch 32 bits. if someone has a new idea thanks thatman84 for your support and your previous screenshot
  8. Thanks for you support and test, I will try for sure tomorow and tell you the result I had to sleep now. I work tomorow Thanks again to test for me the app
  9. But it doesn t seem to be compatible with shield tv ? An standalone apk of this apps could be installed on shield tv ? Thanks
  10. Sorry I don t know this i will try tomorrow thanks
  11. It work using it as stand alone but want to launch several 64bits cores from it throw hyperspin. The standard settings.ini doesn work. It might be some tweaks to make Thanks
  12. Thanks I just test zelda wind talker and luigi mansion whitch have less stutter with the last update. The atari800 core 64 bits seems to work but It would be marvelous if someone could integrate the 64 bits edition on hyperpsin Regards
  13. So i test dolphin (last revision) and psx beetle on 64 bits edition and it works beautifully. But I m not able to integrate it to hyperspin in the settings.ini So someone is able to make it work ? Thanks Ps: Do your atari800 cores works for you it crash for me since month Thanks
  14. No I haven't try it but will tomorow. Yes it s show as a 2nd apps on the shield tv. It's a great thing: the version to install is "staging retroarch aarch64." Witch allow to install it without crush the regular retroarch installation. Will make some tries tomorow thanks
  15. hi, we could now install a second retroarch aarch 64 bits besides the regular retroarch in order to use retroarch dolphin 64 bits without deleting the regular retroarch. So we could you the two retroarch together. So is there a way to integrate dolphin with retroarch aarch 64 bits on hyperspin ? The retroarch aarch64 bits core folder is located in root/data/data/com.retroarch.aarch64/cores. (Root needed) The name of the core inside is: dolphin_libretro_android.so Is it possible to add this with a settings.ini ? Thanks for your help Regards