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  1. shredalive587

    New Version of NeoGeo AES 1.0 3D Box Art up now

    Not yet, I may upload one shortly though
  2. Just thought I'd post this here to give everyone a heads up. I just uploaded a MUCH improved version of the 3D Box Art set for NeoGeo AES which you can download here: I cleaned up a lot of the cover and spine art, and also improved the aspect ratio for better compatibility on more displays. It follows the Hyperspin NG-AES Database 1.0 XML file so more or less all of the US releases should be included.
  3. shredalive587

    SNK Neo Geo AES 3D Box Pack for SNK Neo Geo AES - Database (XML) 1.0

    Thanks! I should be uploading a new version with improved spine art shortly. These seemed to be a little bit too wide on some layouts so I may adjust the aspect ratio as well.
  4. Version 2.0.2


    This is a full set of SNK Neo Geo 3D box art for SNK Neo Geo AES - Database (XML) 1.0. Enjoy!
  5. shredalive587

    PC Engine 3D Box Pack

    Version 1.0.1


    This is a full set of NEC PC Engine 3D Box Art which was based off of the NEC PC Engine - 2D Box Pack by OnlyIsreal. Enjoy!