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Demul Xbox 360 Control Configs V101

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Demul - Sega Naomi & Sammy Atomiswave control configs for Xbox 360 Controller
By urbangangsta101
Demu 0.582
Sammy Atomiswave XML v1.1
Sega Naomi XML v1.2


Installation: (Essential)
- Put the nvram folder into your Demul emulator folder (Overwrite any existing files)
- Put the Demul (v0.5.8).ini into your Hyperlaunch Demul module folder (Overwrite any existing file)


Extra Steps: (Not essential)
- Enable Keyboard in Port C of the Demul plugins menu (Config->Maple Device Manager->Port C = Keyboard) - For 'Keyboard' style games
- Add 'Mahjong' controls to your padDemul.ini (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf)
- Map controls for the 4 'Trackball' style games using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf)
- Map controls for the 11 'Lightgun' style games using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf & demu-atomiswave.pdf) You should really use an Aimtrak Lightgun :)
- Map controls for 1 'Touch Screen' style game using Xpadder (see demul-naomi-non-standard-controls.pdf)



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